Flower Chimp Hong Kong: E-commerce presents avenues for businesses to thrive, even through a pandemic

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 12 August
2020 - As unprecedented circumstances have swept the world in 2020 with the
curve-ball that COVID-19 turned out to be, every realm that we operate in has
had to navigate new norms, regulations, and strategies to survive the pandemic.
Businesses have especially been hit the hardest all over the world due to the
many new restrictions and consumer behaviours they have had to strategize

Yet, astoundingly, the lifestyle segment
of the consumer goods market has seen a rapid spurt in demand worldwide - with
many e-commerce retailers thriving during, and even after COVID-19 times.

Flower Chimp - a leading online gifting
retailer has been a remarkable example of this phenomenon amidst the pandemic.
Delivering fresh flower arrangements and more all across South East Asia since
2016, Flower Chimp set foot in Hong Kong in 2019 - making this year only its
second year of operations within the country. Despite this, the company saw a
steady increase in sales over the past year, but what they may have not
anticipated is the spike that they witnessed within a period of just 2 months
of COVID-19.

The company saw a spike of 121% in demand
from only March to May, 2020 - which only further grew, even as the pandemic
saw a shift in patterns over the coming months. "Lockdown restrictions such as
travel bans have forced people to stay in Hongkong, often away from their loved
ones - a situation that induced more frequent gift sending to express
sentiments across long distances", a spokesperson of the company said.

Being one of the many companies that have sustained
and thrived through these trying times, the case of Flower
Chimp's results presents the possibility of new, inspiring avenues
in the market for many to turn to and achieve resilience towards during these
trying times.

About Limitless Technology

Founded in 2016 by German entrepreneurs
Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa, Limitless Technology is an eCommerce Holding
company active across Southeast Asia with flagship brands such as Flower Chimp
and CakeRush.

Specially catering to consumers in the
gifting and lifestyle e-commerce segment, the group strives to serve the
growing demand for gift delivery services across South East Asia with high
caliber technologies, services, and teams.

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