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Food adulteration in Kerala

Food Adulteration Kerala

What is this post really trying? Putting the blame on farmers rather than food brands? Companies which advertise premium quality, ISO etc has all the responsibility for their products - they even have the power to correct the farmers and in

sist on a quality farm produce- so complete responsibility and blame is on them and it is fair. Smaller food companies can be excused.

Pesticides cannot be banned. Only their usage amounts can be regulated, which government can do. But i have no confidence in that. But if the food brands insist on quality - it will definitely work. This is a consumer demand, and the food brands better meet it

This is one of the advantages of Capitalism - that businesses will improve quality rather than government rules. It is not easy to maintain quality. They have to go to lengths to meet it. And sourcing quality raw materials - if they cannot do it and just cry that farmers gave them bad product - is simply pathetic! Swiss chocolate makers - have fixed farmers to give them milk, vanilla, cocoa, nuts - anything of low quality - they stop production itself. Here, for profit, they will sell any crap. Most of the companies involved in it are not small companies - they should be aiming big.

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