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Former French President to Dialog with Chinese Giant Figures in Nanjing

China-France Innovation and Development Forum will kick off at the end of this month

NANJING, China & PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the closure of COVID-19, the overall social economy in China is gradually recovering, and regaining the fast economic development turns to be an important goal. With international situation full of uncertainties, China is required to answer to the world with a more open-minded attitude to show its sense of responsibility as a great power. China has always committed to the dialogs, exchanges, and equal cooperation with western countries and beyond, and fulfilling its great mission of “building a Community with Shared Future for Mankind”.

As the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, topping China's economy, will kick off the "Nanjing Tech Week 2020" in June, which is helpful to accelerate the economic recovery of China. As a significant series of activities of Nanjing Tech Week 2020, Nanjing and Paris Partnership Innovative Cooperation & The Third China-France Innovation and Development Forum shall be held on June 23th.

France, as one of the leading countries in the European Union, enjoys great strength in academic research and scientific and technological innovation, apart from which it is state-of-the-art in high-end manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries around the world. Besides, it enjoys extraordinary international influence in the field of culture. It shall be significant for China and even Nanjing to strengthen the multi-dimensional and multi-level innovative cooperation with France. The Third China-France Innovation and Development Forum shall serve to bridge China and France in culture, technology and industry for the purpose of reaching mutual cultural identity and appreciation, exchange their experiences in innovation mechanism, discuss the prospects and opportunities of Sino-French cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for the further in-depth cooperation in Nanjing.

In order to realize the goals above, this Forum comes in a strategic overall structure, and is dubbed with “Open to Future Integration and Interaction” as the theme, where the former political dignitaries including the former French President Francois Hollande, former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and former Finance Minister Bruno Bezard shall be invited to attend. Major Chinese guests, including Qin Shuo, the former editor-in-chief of China Business News, Wei Jianguo, the former Minister of Commerce, Shu Yong, internationally renowned artist and the author of Golden Bridge on Silk Road, Jiang Jie, the vice president of Tencent, and Huang Feiyun, the vice president of iFLYTEK, shall attend as well.

Reportedly, Yang Lan, a media celebrity, shall be specially invited to host the entire Forum. Having participated in many China-France summit forums in various fields as a host or guest, Yang Lan is quite familiar with French culture. Her participation as a host would possibly drawing more attention for The Third China-France Innovation and Development Forum.

At the Forum, each side shall employ a spokesperson, from the macro perspective, to deliver a keynote speech on the challenges and opportunities facing the two during their cooperation and development under current international situations. At the session of theme speech, the distinguished guests from each side shall air their views and experience on cultural innovation and industrial cooperation. Yang Lan will host the round table forum, at which eight political and commercial dignitaries of the two sides will exchange their insightful views, bringing about an offline Yang Lan One on One in Nanjing.

The signing ceremonies of the cooperation results for the innovation and development between China and France shall take place at this Forum, which shall cover the signing of friendly cities, cooperation in innovation parks, innovation platforms and science and technology projects.

From the expressions of high-level macro-thinking, to the exchanges in industries and culture, the communications at the economic aspects of specific industries between the two sides, and the signing ceremonies for cooperative projects, this Forum shall definitely bring about a good beginning for the cooperation between China and France at the closure of COVID-19. Looking ahead, China and France will surely obtain a better integration in all aspects, setting a marvelous model of Sino-Western cooperation.


China-France Innovation and Development Forum


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