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There were four students at an MBA college.

There were four students at an MBA college. They were good students and used to live together at a rented apartment.

They were good students and were liked by their teachers and other students alike. They were so good at studies that they had finished studying everything long before their semester exams started.

It was the last day before their exams started and they literally had nothing to do. They were so bored that they decided to go to a night club.

There they enjoyed a lot and returned to their apartment just before dawn. Eventually, next morning they could not get up in time and could not sit for the first paper.

Next day they came to college and confronted their teacher. They already had made up an excuse and when the teacher asked them why they had not attended the exam the previous day, one of them said,”Actually sir, my grandfather is admitted to a city hospital. We all went to meet him yesterday morning. While returning one of the tyres of our car got punctured. We had to wait for almost an hour before the mechanic came and repaired it. We got late and could not come in time to attend the exam.”

The teacher seemed to be sympathetic towards them and as they were good and serious students, arranged for a special paper for them the very next day.

This time they were sincere enough not to be late. The teacher made them sit in 4 rooms separately and handed them their papers.

On the first page there were 5 easy questions for 1 mark each. They gleefully answered them. Then they turned the page and a bombshell was waiting for them in the form of a very simple question that carried 95 marks.

Which tyre of your car got punctured the other day when you were returning from the hospital after meeting xxxx’s grandfather?

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