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FPT Software Chairwoman: “Happiness” at the Focus of Human Development Strategy

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha - Chairwoman of FPT Software chose "Happiness" as the focus of the company’s human development strategy in 2023, for the multicultural IT company with more than 27,000 employees spanning 29 countries.

HANOI, Vietnam--(BUSINESS WIRE)--¼ century since its establishment and going out to the world, FPT Software and its leadership team have always considered people as “the most valuable assets". Over the years, the company has resiliently stayed focused on building a culture with a people-centric work environment through various programs and initiatives, enabling employees to reach their highest potential.

Being themselves, the IT engineers release their creativity and increase innovations, improve work efficiency and prove their valuable work. Thanks to these management and workplace building philosophies, FPT Software has achieved several awards such as being among "Best Workplaces" in Vietnam and Asia, the U.S and Japan, recognised by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Explaining the reason for choosing “Happiness” as the big idea of human development strategy, the Chairwoman spoke sincerely: “What I have achieved over the years for the company and its employees is not enough. A company that has grown to be world class needs a solid people foundation. But to be solid, the most important thing we have to do is to build an environment with ‘soul’. People must feel the company is like in their own home, colleagues are family, and feel happy in both their own work and mentality.”

These concerns urge leaders of FPT Corporation and FPT Software to dig deeper and formulate new ways to bring better values to each employee.

“In the middle of 2022, Mr. Truong Gia Binh – FPT Corp. Chairman led FPT Software to initiate the program “Happy Employees” - building the “soul” to generate new energy for the giant corp. How can we make each of our people feel truly happy? A good workplace does not only help you work better, but also supports your life’s happiness,” said Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, FPT Software Chairwoman.

Nowadays, no matter the size, companies mainly measure and track their development indexes in production and business. To create the best work environment, tracking and measuring happiness of employees should and needs to be done for the sake of the employees.

“Because everyone's happiness is different,” emphasized FPT Software's Chairwoman.

According to Ms. Ha, in a work environment, happiness can be composed based on 3 main factors. First, the core part is still work, how to promote the professional and open workplace, to harmonize people’s multi cultures, pushing forward creativity and raising work efficiency, achieving higher work quality.

Second is family, and FPT Software is the big family of employees, as each person spends more than a half of their time living and working at the office. We are only happy when the small and the large families are both happy.

“In order to increase family happiness, we implemented a variety of programs to provide thorough care for employees' family members; such as Parent's Day – an opportunity to bring employees’ parents to visit their workplace, and then there are summer camps, success courses, practical English and computer science courses, etc. These ideas and activities help increase the happiness index of the family part,” said Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, FPT Software Chairwoman.

“And finally, every individual of FPT Software is a talent. We set up FPT Software to be a "give it forward” environment,” said the Chairwoman.

The company encourages each staff member to "give" by sharing his/her own abilities and strengths with their colleagues. This makes up the third part of FPT's Happiness Index.

"I believe that these three indexes display the overall happiness of each member of our company," Ms. Ha affirmed.

FPT Software's advantage comes from being a multicultural, multi-experienced environment which spans across various countries and territories around the world. Most importantly, the company owns their own set of technologies which help create new values. As an example for the role of "technology" in creating happiness, Ms. Ha picked FPT TechDay 2022 with the theme of “Accompany”, which clearly demonstrated the impact of tech products and solutions on a person’s development for a lifetime.

From the day one is born, grows up, learns and studies until one reaches adulthood, starts working and sets up a family, technology would accompany and help establish a happy life. With the technology in hand, Ms. Ha believes that FPT Software will quickly complete the "Happy Employees" program, which is piloting for more than 4,000 employees, completing the deployment platform, to initiate to the whole FPT Software around the world.

An important highlight of the "Happy Employees" program is FPT Software’s focus on the young GenZ and foreign employees working at the company.

According to Ms. Ha, GenZ is playing an increasingly important role, with their growing number in FPT Software's staff. The most important thing is to understand this group of youngsters because they respond quickly to the surrounding environment, along with the need to experience a rich and dynamic workplace. With such challenges, FPT Software must continuously innovate and create an energetic working environment with diverse experiences, providing cohesive activities to retain them.

GenZ was born in the era of the Internet, their relationships revolve around online communities, making it difficult to build real life communities. FPT Software's strategy is to design and promote direct engagement, connecting people to a shared experience in a space open to nature.

Recently, when initiating project Hola Park - the modern and green campus for IT engineers, FPT Software focused on creating green spaces along with weekly events to engage with the employees. The physical space in the middle of nature, which is what GenZ was lacking, created a harmonious rhythm of balance between online and offline.

For the multi-national team, as a global company, Ms. Ha focused on diversifying experiences and increased cross-culture understanding, especially in the nations which FPT Software presented.

One of the biggest challenges when starting a program as big as the "Happy Employees”, is to have a deep understanding of employees and their needs. To make each employee be willing to share their difficulties, or even without saying it directly but their colleagues can still feel and touch their correct pain points. "I want this to be a program that brings real value, so each member of FPT Software can find the best version of themselves, to be taken care of and be adored within the company,” Ms. Ha affirmed.

Aiming to become a world-class billion-dollar IT company by 2023, Chairwoman Chu Thi Thanh Ha believed that, a happy work environment along with combined Team’s effort and Personal’s development, would make the solid foundation of a world-class company. FPT Software is on the path to become a place where each individual can be themself, be a part of a team, capable of dealing with global tech problems and make full use of opportunities, succeeding in all aspects of life including career path, development and family life.



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