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Freedom 251For last few days Tech world talked a lot on the World's Cheapest Smartphone Freedom 251 which is launched by a New Indian Mobile manufacturer Ringing Bells Pvt.Ltd. Its a little known Noida based Company which is registered just 6 months back. We try to analyse all the details about the company and their Freedom 251 Smartphone is selling for Rs.251.

The doubts are still on, even after the Company's clarification on How can they sell a Smart phone for Rs.251. As per the company Spokesman Freedom 251 is manufactured in Indian and parts are imported from Taiwan and China has no role in manufacturing this phone. Ringing Bells Pvt.Ltd claims this phone is 100% Made in India phone which is manufactured in their manufacturing unit in Noida.

We had still not got the answer for our question: How can a Company sell a Smartphone for Rs.251. Even a feature phone or a basic phone is not been available for this Price in the market.

We feel users should not rush to book this Freedom 251 Smartphone on Buyers have to wait till we get some clarity on this. The Ringing Bells' president Ashok Chaddha said manufacturing cost of the phone is about Rs 2,500, which will be recovered through a series of measures like economies of scale, innovative marketing, reduction in duties and creating an e-commerce marketplace. For us it looks a mathematical theory, which will not work out.

Even after paying Rs.291 (Rs.251 for Smartphone + Rs.40 as Shipping charge.) for booking the phone on Official website, the user need to wait for next four months to get the delivery. This is a long waiting period.

The Company had not relieved any details on their manufacturing units.

BJP MP Kirit Somaiya had raised the concern on this Freedom 251 Smartphone @ Rs.251 news. According to him, the telecom ministry is believed to have sought clarification from Ringing Bells for marketing its 'Freedom 251' mobile phone without BIS certification and has asked UP government to check its credentials.

Ringing Bells' president Ashok Chaddha said today, "The phone will be manufactured in Noida and Uttaranchal. Two plants will be set up for Rs 250 crore each with a capacity of 5 lakh phones. The money will come in the form of debt and equity (1.5:1),"

He also added "The company had raised equity from the promoter family of the company that is engaged in agri-commodities business in Uttar Pradesh", he declined to give further information on this.

Most of the users who want to Book Freedom 251 on still think even if the phone is not delivered, Rs.291 is the maximum loss, Most of the users are ready to take that risk and want to book the phone. But our advice is to wait till you get a clear picture on the Company and the promoter.

More over Ringing Bells is yet to deliver their first product which went on sale on Feb 8th on their own website Bell Smart 101 was the world's cheapest 4G LTE Smartphone. As of now many users had already paid Rs.2,999/- for Bell Smart 101. The company had promised the delivery by Feb 25th, 2016.

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