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FunPlus Appoints Chris Petrovic as Chief Business Officer

Prior Leadership Roles Include Roles at Zynga, Kabam & GameStop

ZURICH, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FunPlus, a leading independent mobile game developer and publisher, today announced that it has recruited industry veteran Chris Petrovic as its Chief Business Officer. As an accomplished executive and a member of the company�s senior leadership team, Petrovic will report to CEO Andy Zhong and oversee the company's growth and expansion efforts in Western markets from its global HQ in Switzerland.

Chris�s career as an industry leader will empower our teams across the world to create, produce, and expand our brand of gaming experiences to wider markets and build upon our current ones,� says Andy Zhong, CEO of FunPlus. �We�re delighted to continue shaping our management by providing our global teams with organizational leaders to guide us into a new era.

Petrovic will lead the efforts to expand FunPlus into new territories, genres and platforms, and partner with best-in-class development teams to deliver top-tier game experiences to wider markets. The company also plans to continue investing in management, publishing and central services to support its endeavors.

Prior to joining the company, Petrovic served as the Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy, M&A and Business Development at Zynga, helping drive the company�s resurgence with M&A, strategic partnership and market expansion efforts. He led the acquisitions of Rollic Games, Peak Games, Small Giant Games, and secured IP rights to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious and Game of Thrones.

For more information on FunPlus, visit http://www.FunPlus.com. Find a link to assets here.

About FunPlus

Founded in 2010, FunPlus is a world class, independent game developer and publisher headquartered in Switzerland and Singapore with operations in Spain, Sweden, Russia, United States, Japan and China. As an organization that fosters the best creative talent in the world, employing nearly 1,600, the company has developed and published mobile games that have ranked in the #1 spot in nearly 70 countries, which includes State of Survival, Kings of Avalon and Guns of Glory. FunPlus studios include KingsGroup, Puzala, and Seven Games, each with a focus on developing a unique brand of strategy, puzzle and role-playing games, respectively.

The FunPlus brand powers FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), one of the world�s most successful esports organizations.


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