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Galton Voysey Helps Fight COVID-19 by Donating 50,000 Protective Masks to HK Hospitals and Street Cleaners

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Galton Voysey, the Hong Kong-based developer of direct-to-consumer brands, distributed 50,000 protective face masks to Hong Kong hospitals and to the city’s street cleaners to help protect workers from COVID-19.

A representative from Galton Voysey says it was their way of giving back to the community, particularly to Hong Kong’s essential workers who have been crucial in helping the city of Hong Kong and its residents during the pandemic.

When news of the coronavirus first began early this year, a sudden period of panic buying of protective masks and hand sanitizer created shortages throughout the city, leaving many essential workers vulnerable to the virus.

Hospitals, in particular, have experienced an unprecedented need for protective gear due to the necessity to adopt effective infection control procedures.

Hospitals in Hong Kong have been following the latest guidance of the Hospital Authority by cutting down any non-essential services and ensuring medical staff has the necessary training and equipment such as protective face masks. Galton Voysey donated 25,000 masks through the Children’s Medical Foundation in order to help hospitals meet this demand and to help protect hospital staff who are working in the more exposed sections of the hospital.

Another group of essential workers are Hong Kong’s street cleaners who are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. The 11,900 cleaners comprise mostly of the older community and are required to continue working outside during the pandemic, exposing themselves more frequently to the virus and all kinds of pollutants. Despite this, street cleaners have had difficulty in finding access to proper protective gear to adequately protect them from COVID-19.

In a time of fragility where people are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety, street cleaners have been crucial as they continue to work to maintain Hong Kong’s streets. In gratitude for their work, Galton Voysey has distributed 25,000 masks to Hong Kong’s street cleaners through the Environmental Services Contractors Alliance Hong Kong in hopes that this will allow them to work in a safe manner.

Galton Voysey has adopted many preventative measures within their own company to ensure the safety of their employees and continue to monitor the government’s guidelines during the pandemic. Galton Voysey was one of the first companies to offer a work from home option. Face masks and hand sanitizers were distributed to the workers and their families as well as any equipment necessary to allow for a smooth transition to work from home.

The company states that they are extremely appreciative of the hard work of essential workers everywhere whose contributions have been indispensable and are grateful to be able to give back.


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