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GAUSSIN Signs €10M Licensing Agreement with Nexport

Establishes Partnership to Assemble and Supply Zero Emissions Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

GAUSSIN executes on robust licensing strategy that builds on international business and strategic growth in clean energy transport

HÉRICOURT, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GAUSSIN (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALGAU - FR0013495298), a pioneer in clean energy and intelligent freight transportation, has established a strategic partnership with Nexport, a leading electric vehicle producer and supplier in Australia, for the distribution of its electric and hydrogen vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Under the terms of the partnership, Gaussin will receive a licensing fee of €10 million and will form a joint venture to assemble and supply a range of zero emissions off-road vehicles including airport transporters and refuellers.

This partnership advances Gaussin’s robust strategy to build out its international business with licensing deals and co-development agreements for its clean energy transport technology.

Over the last year, the company has executed several agreements with key players around the world seeking to leverage Gaussin’s novel technology as demand increases for zero emissions transportation options. For example, the company announced a partnership with Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) in November 2020 to collaborate on the development of hydrogen-powered transportation vehicles and recently received an initial order from Plug Power for 20 hydrogen-powered yard trucks.

The company’s latest innovation, a Road Truck Skateboard for class 8 tractors and straight trucks, was also announced in April. The Road Skateboard features an ultra-light chassis, hydrogen tanks, fuel cells, electric motors and key components and systems to produce the next generation of road trucks. A licensing program focused on assembly and marketing will drive the rollout of this technology.

Earlier this year, Gaussin established Gaussin North America and Gaussin Asia Pacific in support of its growth strategy.

“As we seek to continue the expansion of our business globally, we are honored to have many opportunities to connect and collaborate with corporations that have a similar interest in deploying clean energy transportation solutions. As a leading provider of next-generation technology in the zero-emissions transportation space, we believe that adoption of this technology will be key to creating a positive impact on our climate. We are excited to join forces with other corporations that share our vision,” said Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin.

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GAUSSIN is an engineering company that designs, assembles and sells innovative products and services in the transport and logistics field. Its know-how encompasses cargo and passenger transport, autonomous technologies allowing for self-driving solutions such as Automotive Guided Vehicles, and the integration all types of batteries, electric and hydrogen fuel cells in particular. With more than 50,000 vehicles worldwide, GAUSSIN enjoys a strong reputation in four fast-expanding markets: port terminals, airports, logistics and people mobility. The group has developed strategic partnerships with major global players in order to accelerate its commercial penetration: Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics in the airport field, Bolloré Ports and ST Engineering in ports and Bluebus for people mobility. GAUSSIN has broadened its business model with the signing of license agreements accelerating the diffusion of its technology throughout the world. The acquisition of METALLIANCE confirms the emergence of an international group present in all segments of intelligent and clean vehicles.

In October 2019, the group won the World Autonomous Vehicle Transport Competition "Category leader" - "Better energy and environmental sustainability".

GAUSSIN has been listed on Euronext Growth in Paris since 2010.

More information on www.gaussin.com.


Nexport promotes and delivers zero emission solutions across all modalities of the transport of people and goods of ‘clean-tech’ technologies in a wide range of transport solutions promoting a cleaner and greener environment and assures a sustainable deployment and long lifecycle of the solutions sold.

Nexport offers a zero emission eco-system based on operational excellence for solution providers to enter targeted markets supporting the ‘entry to the market’ from the design and engineering phase all the way up to delivery, warranty, contract management and after sales.

Nexport shares its wide knowledge of the market, sales channels, delivery models, application landscape, service models and the supply chain to create the perfect Zero Emission Sales model for Australia and New Zealand.

Nexport’s Zero As A Service (ZaaS) Strategy has been crafted by its newly appointed CEO Michel Van Maanen who has extensive experience transforming communities in Europe by introducing clean energy technologies that has resulted in local air quality improvements, and created efficiencies. whilst driving revenue growth at a number of tier 1 companies.

More information on www.nexport.com.au

For more information about GAUSSIN, go to www.gaussin.com

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