GFX Initial Listing on BITPoint APEC This Week

CHINA - Media OutReach -
November 29, 2018 - GFX International Limited, the blockchain rewards
network, finished its pre-sale. The company is listing on digital asset trading
platform - BITPoint APEC on Wednesday 28 November. 

GFX offered up
to 54% bonus in the total pre-sale and will conclude this Wednesday the 28th.

Listing on BITPoint
APEC exchange is an important step for GFX to popularize their digital assets.  BITPoint APEC , which launched earlier this
year, is part of BITPoint, one of the first 
decentralized exchanges  to be
licensed in Japan.

operates in Taiwan, Korea and South East Asia region, and makes for a highly respected first partner for GFX.  The exchange offers leveraged and OTC
trading, as well research into new blockchain projects, and provides users with a faster and more secure trading environment.

GFX International Limited has further announced their
intention to list their digital asset on a few other reputable digital
exchanges within the next 3 to 5 months.  The company hasn't released any official
information at this time. 

This follows
the company's well-publicized recent forays into eSports gaming (JPlay) and
medical tourism in the last few months.

Community Campaign to Celebrate Listing

To celebrate the listing of their digital asset on its
first exchange, GFX Limited has announced that they will soon start the second
round of their popular community campaign in which the public gets rewarded and
incentivized for it support.

The community campaign runs on the loyalty network's
official GFX WeChat and Telegram channels.

For readers interested to learn more about GFX and their
upcoming plans, you can visit their website or follow
their official WeChat account "GFX?????"
(WeChat ID: GFX315462735).

The GFX Team

GFX is headed by a very
experienced senior team of business heavyweights that include Mr. Shoichiro
Tanaka (CEO), expert in technology business development and Director of Japan
listed company and Mr. Eyal Rosenthal (COO), previous MD of the $600M private equity
Infinity Israel.

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