Gingko House and Hong Kong Federation of Youth Invite Hong Kongers to #ShareASmile

Upload a Selfie to Share Kindness Around Hong Kong

OutReach�-�24 September 2020�- The COVID-19 pandemic has
created an unprecedented distance between people, since it has become the new normal
to put on face masks most of the time. What used to be a simple act of kindness
that warmed our hearts -- sharing a smile among strangers -- has not been seen
for months, hidden behind masks. To drive a positive change in society, the Hong
Kong Federation of Youth (HKFYG) and Gingko
House have joined forces, inviting people of different generations to creatively
#ShareASmile by "drawing" funny or cute smiles over their face masks in selfies
virtually. By uploading these photos to social media, they aim to spread kindness
and warmth across Hong Kong.

A group of youth
volunteers join forces with Gingko House chefs at five Gingko House restaurants,
to prepare "Smiley Meal Boxes" for distribution to the underprivileged in the

Starting from last Friday (18
September), HKFYG and Gingko House have been distributing "Smiley Meal Boxes"
at five Gingko House restaurants located across the city for 10 consecutive
days. A total of 10,000 meal boxes prepared by youth volunteers from HKFYG and Gingko
House chefs will be distributed to those in need.

It only takes a few simple steps
to support the #ShareASmile campaign. Hong Kongers are invited to take a selfie
in your face mask, then add a smiley sticker or emoji, or even draw a virtual
smile onto the face mask, to make your smile stand out. Upload the selfie to your
social media platforms with the hashtag #ShareASmile and invite friends to join

The "Smiley Meal Boxes"
are distributed to registered beneficiaries via five Gingko House restaurants. Those
who wish to receive a meal box can apply at any of the Gingko House restaurants[1]. Gingko
House is also working with various social welfare organisations to support
anyone in need.

�Campaign Photos:

*Addresses of Gingko House

  • Gingko House - Viet
    Street (Yau Ma Tei): 1st Floor, Ping An Building, 383 Nathan Road
  • Gingko Moment (Taikoo
    Store): G/F, Taiji Building, No. 7 Taikoo Gili Road
  • Grandma's Kitchen (Yau
    Tong Branch) Big Ben Sky Garden, 38 Gao Chao Road, L, Yau Tong
  • Ginkgo Moment (Cheung
    Sha Wan Store): No. 441, Qingshan Road, Changshawan
  • Veggie by Gingko House
    (Sheung Wan Store): No. 7 New Market Street, Sheung Wan

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