GlacialLight Announces New Natural Sunlight of GL-TSL30-NL Series

New Taipei City, Taiwan, June 08, 2019 --( GlacialLight, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., announces the natural sunlight GL-TSL30-NL series. Besides the track lighting model, the new lighting fixture also comes in surface mount and pendant rod variants with dimming for greater lighting flexibility. With a CRI of 97, as well as the CQS (Color Quality Scale) is up to 98. The color fidelity index (TM-30-15 Rf) and color gamut score (TM-30-15 Rg) are close to natural light.

The GL-TSL30-NL rotates 360 degrees horizontally, as well as 90 degrees vertically for complete lighting freedom. The beam angle can be specified at a tight 20 degrees or a wider 38 degrees for area illumination.

The natural sunlight GL-TSL30-NL series can improve the light experience for human health benefits. It closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight and harmonizes light output with natural circadian rhythms. With a black and gold finish, the GL-TSL30-NL is well suitable use in the museum, art gallery, supermarket and indoor plant wall.

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