Global eTrade Services introduces new finance services suite on CALISTA™; to reinforce end-to-end supply chain orchestration

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach
- 2nd December 2019 - Global eTrade Services (GeTS), a global trade
platform company, today announced the launch of CALISTATM
Finance, a suite of comprehensive financial services including global
payments, quick financing, and cargo insurance specifically catered for customers


interoperable, neutral, and trusted supply chain platform that enables the
orchestration of logistics, compliance, and financial activities.


In partnership with 12 leading
payments, trade financiers, and insurance providers, CALISTATM
Finance helps customers fulfill their trade financing needs seamlessly,
securely, and smartly while making customer onboarding process faster with Know
Your Customer (KYC) done within a day as opposed to two weeks traditionally.


Customers can
conduct cross-border payments with 22 currencies and for any transaction amount
and get access to more than five trade financing products with approval within 72
hours from the network of domestic bank, non-banks and peer-to-peer financiers.
In addition, customers can easily access over 40 types of insurance products
and advisory services based on their unique needs. Some of the partners onboarded
onto CALISTATM FINANCE include DBS, ICBC, Capital Match, MoolahGo, Liquid
Group, Finaxar, Rapyd, Thunes, KIB, Navigator International, AWG Insurance
Brokers, and Havenport Investment.


Eugene Wong, Chairman of CrimsonLogic and GeTS, said: "As supply chains grow in
complexity, presenting challenges around access to liquidity providers and capital,
the need for greater integration between financing platforms, and corporates is
growing in importance. CALISTATM Finance is set to revolutionise
the way physical trade is financed and insured through a one-stop solution that
presents best suited financing options -- both traditional and non-traditional --
for each specific trade."


Mr. Chong Kok Keong CEO of
GeTS said: "In our quest to make trade more accessible, easier and predictable,
we've continued to build on CALISTATM's proposition. In today's
shifty trade landscape, it is critical for businesses to not only be trading at
peak efficiency and accuracy, but to also minimize any risk to their trade. With
the launch of CALISTATM Finance, we are delivering a comprehensive
suite of digital tools to help businesses trade with ease, managing across
physical logistics, compliance and financial requirements of trade and supply


Ms. Joyce Tee, Group Head
of SME Banking, DBS Bank, commented: "By enhancing the platform and adding on
more payment and financing options, CALISTATM Finance has great
potential to support SMEs in their business ambitions. We look forward to
co-creating more innovative solutions for Calista's users across the world."

About Global eTrade Services

Global eTrade
Services (GeTS), a global leading trade platform company, is shaping the future
of trade and supply chain with its innovative use of technology and deep G2B
and B2B domain expertise. GeTS enables the orchestration of physical
logistics, compliance and financial requirements of trade and supply chain
seamlessly, smartly and securely, thus powering global trade by making it
accessible, predictable and easier to fulfil. The company has linkages to 29 Customs
nodes across the world, with more than 175,000 connected parties and
conducting more than 22 million transactions annually. 

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