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Global Release of Black Shark JOYUI 11 Based on Android 10

  • As Black Shark’s latest updated operation system based on Android 10, JOYUI 11 will be released from 27 April for users of Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro.
  • Being developed based on MIUI11, JOYUI 11 has made massive improvements on both basic smartphone experience and mobile gaming experience.
  • The update brings new features such as Mi Share, Natural Dynamic Sound System, new gaming features and a lot more.

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark, announces JOYUI 11 as the most updated version of Black Shark’s operation system. Based on Android 10, this new operation system has massive improvements on both basic systematic and gaming-centric features, including user-interface upgrade, software performance optimization, and Black Shark’s unique gaming features enhancement. Users of Black Shark 2 PRO and Black Shark 2 will receive JOYUI 11 upgrade notification during 27 April to 06 May.

“We manifest our commitment to create the unmatched gaming experience through our latest operation system, JOYUI 11. Thanks to our strong capability of technical innovation, this new operation system can build the comprehensive experience not only for gaming but also for basic smartphone utilization because it is built upon the Android 10.” said Harrison Luo (Yuzhou Luo), CEO of Black Shark.

For Your Daily Convenience

Key System Apps Improvement

In a new systematic update based on JOYUI, the key system apps have achieved top level fluency, stability, and functionality against other operation systems. The home screen has enable more easy-to-use and stable features including opening the apps, switching between apps, and folder management.

  • The update also brings many more new features, including quick reply, dual apps, quick ball, single hand mode, etc.
  • The Black Shark 2 Series devices are now compatible with Mi account and Mi cloud, which will be available for Find My Phone, Back Up and Data Sync.
  • New file manager app supports the review of photos, videos, document, and music, and the automatic classification of PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT files to simplify file management.
  • Security update that restricts the current running app to access the location information and the location information is protected during network scan to prevent tracking. Also, the improved Google security patch for security and stability.
  • Thousands of cool new themes are newly introduced to the system, which could be accessed online for free1.
  • 236 new Emoji are added

All Screen Gestures

JOYUI 11 provides simple and easy screen gestures, including swiping up for Home Screen, swiping up and hold for Recent Apps, and swiping left side for going back. The three Navbar buttons can also be hidden for maximum display experience, or to prevent accidental touch in games.

IoT Capability

Another improvement made by JOYUI 11 is its interconnectivity with IoT(Internet of Things) devices.

  • Mi Share: Black Shark is part of the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance, enabling the device to share files faster and more easily with other android smartphones.
  • Wireless Print: Now the devices are compatible to do a fast-wireless print through ‘Share to’ page with more than 2,000 printers covering 25 brands.
  • Cast: The cast feature allows the phone’s content, such as documents, videos, photos, etc., to be mirrored to TVs, as long as the two sides are connected with the same WiFi.

Natural Dynamic Sound System and Always on Display

  • Natural Dynamic Sound System: It consists of Dynamic Alarm Ringtones, Weather Alarm Ringtones and Dynamic Birds Sound for Notifications. Dynamic Alarm Ringtones enable users to enjoy different ringtones every single day in a week, while Weather Alarm Ringtones changes with the weather. Dynamic Birds Sounds of Notifications has a variety of natural sounds for notifications.
  • Always On Display: It consists of Always On Clock and Light effects for notifications

More Features

Screen recorder, scrolling screenshots, notes, compass, calculator, scanner, recorder, weather, and security centre.

For Your Perfect Gaming

Not only for the basic smartphone experience, as the cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark launches JOYUI 11 operational system to also improve the gaming experience for its users though Shark Space 3.0 and Shark Arsenal.

Shark Space 3.0

The update brings all new designed Shark Space UI that gives simple access to all gaming settings in Gamer Studio, new optional effects when entering games, and an integrated Shark Arsenal that manages all of Black Shark accessories.

Shark Arsenal

Shark Arsenal is a feature integrated in the Shark Space, for easy management of all Black Shark accessories. The feature controls fast connecting, user’s guide, light effects, firmware update, etc.

About Black Shark

Cutting-edge gaming technology company, Black Shark, creates gaming eco-system based on hardware, software and services, now mainly carried by smartphones. Black Shark aims to provide the unmatched and unique gaming experience and builds the best gaming world with global gamers. Black Shark is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the company’s global website: http://global.blackshark.com/

1 Different regions may have different theme packages


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