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Here you go: High Level Technical Jokes

Scientists were playing hide & seek in heaven.

Einstein was seeker.

Newton didn’t hide & stood in a square of 1 meter.

Einstein: I found u Newton !! Thhappa !!!

Newton: U are Wrong.
I am not Newton.
As I am standing in 1 mtr square, I am Newton/per mt sq.
So I am Pascal…


Q: What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder?

A: “You may have graduated but I’ve got so many degrees”


Did you hear oxygen and magnesium dating together?


What if Oxygen went on a date with Potassium?
Its OK..


Atom 1: I just lost an electron.
Atom 2:how u feel?
Atom 1: positive


Q:What do you get when you put a Cobalt & 2 iron atoms in mixer


What do you get after reaction of a Barium atom with two sodium atoms…


Electron to neutron : mere pass charge hai , spin hai, magnetic field hai, reactivity hai … Tumhare pass kya hai

Neutron : mere pass…..
MASS hai

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