Go Tree Quotes Advises Homeowners On How To Avoid Tree Trimming Injuries

Go Tree Quotes Advises Homeowners On How To Avoid Tree Trimming Injuries

With over 36,000 chainsaw related injuries each year by thrifty home handymen, these simple techniques will save you money and maybe even an arm and a leg.

Online PR News – 09-April-2019 – When you think of high-risk tasks and occupations, you probably think of serving in war-zones, bomb disposal experts, or commercial fishermen (86 fatal work injuries per 100,000 workers). The chances are that when you think of dicing with death for a living, or even just for fun, domestic tree trimming and removal isnt the top of your list.

But did you know that there are over 36,000 chainsaw related injuries every year in the US alone? With figures like that, you really have to wonder why people bother to risk doing DIY instead of paying a professional, but unfortunately, this is what most people do.

The average cost of hiring a tree trimmer was $438, whereas you could hire a chainsaw and give it a go yourself for just a fraction of the price at $67. Guided by a craving for savings rather than a desire not to lose a limb, swathes of people are taking matters into their own hands (or hand, depending on the type of accident they have.)

Whilst yes, the prices of hiring a professional can be a little steep, especially for a family on a lower income, you have to ask what price people put on their health.

Well the answer to that is, somewhere around $371.

From 2009 - 2013 where total of 115,895 ED visits for injuries related to the use of a chainsaw occurred during the study period. Most injury visits occurred among males (95%) and persons aged 3059 years and during the months of September through November.

The main body sites injured were the hand/fingers and knee. The majority of injuries were lacerations (80%).

Is the risk to our health, and the subsequent bills, really worth it? Whilst you might save a few dollars initially, medical bills, time of work, and side effects of injury can cost you, much much more.

Ben McInerney, a certified arborist from Go Tree Quotes, suggests how clients can saving money on tree services, without doing it yourself.

There are plenty of ways to save tree services, and the biggest tip Im going to give you is hire in the colder months.

As Ben explains, getting essential tree-trimming work done during the autumn or winter can save you at least 25% as arborists are a lot less busy at these times of year. Professionals working in the industry have a lot less work and are just trying to get by, so they are happy to take on projects at a lower cost in order to win your business.

Its pure supply and demand, Ben continues, Companies are scratching around for work in winter so you are much more likely to get a better deal

A big one is asking them to take the tree down and cut it up, and youll remove it there is a lot of manpower and expense in the actual removal of the tree. Get them to do the dangerous work, and you do the grunt work.

He added; A real good money spinner is to actually sell any logs you have on eBay or Craigs list-not only do you save on the removal, but you make a profit on the waste material. The buyer will even come and take the logs away for you. Its a real win win

Using Bens tips, not only can you save money on the cost of hiring a professional, but you can even make a bit of cash on the side, whilst retaining the function of all of your limbs and extremities.

Not only this, but it is also better for the tree to be pruning it during the winter months.

Ben explained; Youre always best off trimming trees while they are dormant in the colder months. As things start to switch back on in the spring they, the trees will find themselves with a lot less burden above ground in the form of branches and more reserves below the ground in the form of their vast root system to bloom back to life stronger and healthier than ever before.

The moral of the story is, that whilst on the surface, you might think you are saving money by doing it yourself, the reality is that you could be risking your health, your bank balance, and even the health of your trees.

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