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GoChengdu: Paris ushers in “Giant Pandas” and invites French tourists with enthusiasm to take a walk on the street corners of Chengdu, China

CHENGDU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-France diplomatic relations. As a critical commemorative activity of the Paris China Cultural Center and also the opening event of annual ministerial and provincial collaboration, the Chengdu Culture-oriented Travel (Paris) Special Promotion Conference and the "Giant Pandas Are Coming" Theme Cultural and Art Exhibition were successfully held in Paris on March 20. Hongge Liu, Director of the Paris China Cultural Center, Christian MANTEI, Chairman of the French Tourism Development Agency, and Wei Qiu, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcast-TV, and Tourism, were present and delivered speeches. The event was attended by distinguished guests and media reporters from the tourism, mass media, cultural and creative sectors of Paris.​

In a bid to speed up the development of inbound tourism and energetically tap into the European tourist source market, Chengdu has brought a giant panda-themed cultural and art exhibition to Europe for a culture-oriented travel promotion campaigns. "Sincerely invite French friends to walk and see on the street corners of Chengdu and personally experience the unique charm of 'Park City Under Snow Mountains and Happy Chengdu amidst Fireworks'!" In his speech, Wei Qiu said Chengdu is a green and ecological city, a famous historic and cultural city, and a contemporary city of happiness. We sincerely look forward to Chengdu and Paris further deepening their culture-oriented travel collaboration, propelling exchange and mutual learning of civilizations while each enjoys its own beauty, and tolerating the beauty that others create, thus achieving the great harmony beauty, so as to provide profound and enduring cultural force for building a community of shared future for mankind.

"Chengdu - a beautiful landscape city, is just like opened by the Ninth Heaven, thousands of households are as beautiful as painting. Chengdu, a famous historic and cultural city, has been a hub for Chinese and foreign exchanges ever since ancient times. A jewel of the Southwest Silk Road, it is nowadays one of the most vibrant and happy cities in China. This year and next, Chengdu will also usher in the International Horticultural Exposition and the World Games with the attention focused on by millions of people in succession." With an impassioned narration, the Chengdu Tourism International Recommendation Officer presented to the participants a scroll of pictures of Chengdu's green, humanistic, dynamic and open charm as the hometown of China's national treasure, the giant panda, and a modern and international metropolis.

During the exchange session, the two sides held further discussions on how to further deepen culture-oriented travel collaboration, jointly explore new patterns of integrative development of culture and tourism, and join hands to build a world tourist destination city, among other topics. Representatives from both sides agree to continue to strengthen collaboration in terms of tourism resource sharing, cultural exchange and popularization, and travelling route exploitation to create more attractive tourism products and projects and provide more superior and convenient traveling experiences for citizens and visitors of the two cities. Many people in charge of tourist enterprises and media representatives involved in the promotion and exchange expressed their willingness to actively participate in the tourism cooperation between Chengdu and Paris and jointly promote the development of cultural-oriented travel causes in the two cities.​

At this promotion conference, the well planned and held "Giant Pandas Are Coming" themed art exhibition, with the theme of "There Is not Only Giant Pandas in Chengdu", showcased photographs of giant pandas photographed by Mengqi Zhou, a well-known giant panda photographer, as well as Chinese paintings, Sichuan embroidery works, and exquisite cultural and creative products with the theme of giant pandas. Christian MANTEI, Chairman of the French Tourism Development Agency, stated that this promotion conference and the giant panda exhibition have strengthened mutual understanding between Chengdu and Paris in the domain of tourist culture. Chengdu's giant pandas and unique humanistic charm will appeal to more French tourists for tours and sightseeing.



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