Gorgeous 18-year-old Nepali vegetable seller captures hearts of netizens

nepali-vegetable-sellerFirst we had the cute Roti Canai seller from Malaysia, then the dashing Pakistani tea seller and now we have Kusum Shrestha, the 18-year-old beauty from Nepal who works as a vegetable seller.

She was photographed carrying vegetables at a local market by RupChandra Maharjan, an employee of a nearby rafting company.

The photo quickly went viral, and the Twitter hashtags #Tarkariwali and #Sabjiwali-which mean "vegetable seller"-started trending as people praised her looks.

Shrestha told BBC Nepali that she is a management student at the district of Chitwan. According to her father, Chandra Narayan Shrestha, 43, she wanted to study nursing but the family had no money

She was photographed when she went back to her hometown of Bagling, Gorkha to help her parents during the college break.

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