Govt to Converrt Heritage Sites into Tourist Spots in Maharashtra

Heritage Tourist Spots in MaharashtraThe Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is responsible for protection, conservation and maintenance of monuments/sites in the country which have been declared as of National importance. Besides this, providing basic facilities/amenities (e.g. drinking water, toilet blocks, facilities for physically challenged, pathways, cultural notice boards/signage, vehicle parking, cloak rooms, etc.) to the tourists visiting centrally protected monuments are the regular activities which the Archaeological Survey of India undertakes, as per need and resources. Improvement/upgradation of these public amenities is a continuous process,�� however, there is no scheme for it.


The details of 285 monuments/sites declared under Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 as of National importance under the jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Maharashtra is given below:-


List of Centrally Protected Monuments/Sites in Maharashtra under the Jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India



Name of Monuments / SitesLocationDistrict
�� 1.Damri MasjidAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 2.Gate near Niyamat Khan's PlaceAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 3.Kotla of Twelve ImamsAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 4.Mucca MasjidAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 5.Old tomb near Changiz Khan's palaceAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 6.Tomb of Nizam AhmedshahAhmednagarAhmednagar
�� 7.Hemadpanthi TempleBeminiAhmednagar
�� 8.Dhokeshwar CavesDhokeAhmednagar
�� 9.Building Known as Faria BaghGhotanAhmednagar
�10.Jain TempleBhingar CantonmentAhmednagar
�11.Temple of MallikarjunaGhotanAhmednagar
�12.Cave & TempleHarishchandra


�13.Jarasangh NagariJorveAhmednagar
�14.Temple of MallikarjunaKarjatAhmednagar
�15.Temple of Shiva called NaktichedeulKarjatAhmednagar
�16.Old TempleKokamthanAhmednagar
�17.Temple of DeviMandavagaon KatrabadAhmednagar
�18.Salbathan's TombMohekariAhmednagar
�19.Temple of Shiva on the futher side of the streamParnerAhmednagar
�20.Baleshwar TemplePedgaonAhmednagar
�21.Temple of Laxmi NarayanPedgaonAhmednagar
�22.Temple of AmriteshwarRatanwadiAhmednagar
�23.Triple shrined temple of BhavaniTahakriAhmednagar
�24.Five Stone GatesTisgaonAhmednagar
�25.Temple of Devi


�26.Temple of Siddheshwar MahadevTokaAhmednagar
�27.Temple of Vishnu & Five Ghats at attached thereto.TokaAhmednagar
�28.Ancient sites and remains at DaimabadDaimabad (Ladgaon)Ahmednagar
�29.Ancient site locally known as LadmodNewasaAhmednagar
�30.Dahihanda gate of outer city wall.


�31.Khirki gate in the outer city wallAkolaAkola
�32.South -East bastion of the outer city wall together with 10 years of the adjacent wall on each side, variously known as panch Burj Hasrath Yab and containing a persion inscription.AkolaAkola
�33.Balapur fortBalapurAkola
�34.Chhatri near Dak BanglowBalapurAkola
�35.Black stone temple of BhawaniBarsi TakilAkola
�36.Narnala Fort :

i� Akot Gateway,���������� ii� Ambar Mahal

iii� Delhi Gateway ,��� iv� Large & Two smaller Guns

v�� Mahakali Gateway,� vi� Mendheao Gateway

vii� Shahapur Gateway, viii� Sirpur Gateway

ix� Small Mosque,

x� Tank buikt to contain Oil & Ghee

�37.Patur Cave (Two Cave)PaturAkola
�38.Tank in front of tomb of LalkhanAmnerAkola
�39.Tomb� of LalkhanAmnerAmaravati
�40.Gawilgarh Fort ( The walls & the whole area contained by them)ChikaldaAmaravati
�41.City wall of� Nawab Ismail KhanBllichpur (Achalpur)Amaravati
�42.Dula GateBllichpur (Achalpur)Amaravati
�43.Haripura GateBllichpur (Achalpur)Amaravati
�44.Hauz KatoraBllichpur (Achalpur)Amaravati
�45.Jiwanpura GateBllichpur (Achalpur)Amaravati
�46.Temple of AnandeshwarLasurAmaravati
�47.Ajanta CavesAjantaAurangabad
�48.Aurangabad CavesAurangabadAurangabad
�49.Tomb of Rabia Daurani (Bibi-Ka-Maqbara)AurangabadAurangabad
�50.Daulatabad Fort & Monument therein (i.e. Chand Minar)DaulatabadAurangabad
�51.Ellora CavesElloraAurangabad
�52.Tomb of AurangazebKhultabadAurangabad
�53.Tomb of Malik AmbarKhiltabadAurangabad
�54.Ancient Site / MoundPaithanAurangabad
�55.Pitalkhora CavesPaitalkhoraAurangabad
�56.Ghrishneshwar Temple, chattries & other ancient� sitesVerul (Ellora)Aurangabad
�57.Area containing the old remains of two temples consisting of a collection of Massive stones in two separate heaps, One immediately outside padampur to the north & the other immediately to the south of GaneshpurPadampurBhandara
�58.Remains of the temple to the North of the VillagePadampurBhandara
�59.Remains of the temple to the North-west of� the villagePadampurBhandara
�60.Remains of the temple close to the south of the� village� GaneshpurPadampurBhandara
�61.Remains of the� temple locally known as Nath BawaPadampurBhandara
�63.All the remains of the circumambulation wall of Pauni FortPauniBhandara
�64.Ancient mounds on which the modern temple of jagannath standsPauniBhandara
�65.Mound known as� Hardulala-ki-TekriPauniBhandara
�66.Cromlesh known as 'Tillota'(Frying Pan)PipalgaonBhandara
�67.Ukkadeshwar Mahadev TempleUkkad PimpriBheed
�68.Moti SamadhiDeulgaon RajaBuldhana
�69.Three old TemplesDhotraBuldhana
�70.MosqueFathekheyda (Sakharkheda)Buldhana
�71.Two old TempleKothaliBuldhana
�72.Dharmasala locally called chhatriLonarBuldhana
�73.Fifteen TempleLonarBuldhana
�74.Gaimukha Temple & TankLonarBuldhana
�75.Gaimukha Temple No 1 of Daitya SudanaLonarBuldhana
�76.Square Kunda on the East of the TownLonarBuldhana
�77.Temple of Daitya� SudanaLonarBuldhana
�78.Dharmasala at North-East corner of the townMehkarBuldhana
�80.Temple of MahadevSakegaonBuldhana
�81.Temple of Vishnu, remains of an old� building to the east of that temple and remains of small templeSatgaonBuldhana
�82.TankSindhkhed RajaBuldhana
�83.Temple of MahadevSindhkhed RajaBuldhana
�84.Lakhuji Jadhavrao's SamadhiSindhkhedBuldhana
�85.Fort WallBallarpurChandrapur
�87.Large high knoll immediately to the east of Bhandranath temple with remains of a temple, with huge stone carved blocks & a figure of GanapatiBhandakChandrapur
�88.Pandavas caves containing three imagesBhandakChandrapur
�89.Achaleshwar Temple & another small temple within an enclosureChandrapurChandrapur
�90.Enclosure & buldings of the Gond Raja's Tomb just outside the Achaleshwar gate the city.ChandrapurChandrapur
�91.Fort WallChandrapurChandrapur
�92.Lalpeth monoliths consisting of the sixteen colosal stone images.

i.� Anna Purna,� ii. Bhim,��� ��iii. Fish,

iv. Ganga,�� ��������v.Ganpati,�� vi. Hanuman,

vii.� Hanuman,�� viii. Kali,��� ��ix.�� Mahadev,

x. Mahadev, ������xi.Nandi,����� xii.� Rawan,

xiii. Snake, ��������xiv. Tortoise, xv. Ganpati,

xvi. Ganga

�93.Mahadev Temple close to the Municipal officeChandrapurChandrapur
�94.Temple of the MahakaliChandrapurChandrapur
�95.Temple of Keshavanath������� ChurulChandrapur
�96.Ancient Temple������� DeotekChandrapur
�97.Hemadpanthi Temple containing images of Dattatraya, Mahadev & LaxminarayanDhanoraChandrapur
�98.Old BridgeGhutkalaChandrapur
�99.Old Temple of ChandikadeviGhutkalaChandrapur
100.Remains of an old FortKhatoraChandrapur
101.Temple of MahadevMahadwariChandrapur
102.Temple of MahadevNeriChandrapur
103.Ramdigi temple & Ramdigi poolNimdhela ForestChandrapur
104.Old Hemadpanthi TemplePalebarasChandrapur
105.Old Temple of MahadevRajgarhChandrapur
107.Small Temple on Survey No.141BalsanaDhulia
108.Temple of DurgaBalsanaDhulia
109.Temple of ShivaBalsanaDhulia
110.Temple of the left side of shiva's Temple in Survey No. 418BalsanaDhulia
111.Temple in front of the above in Survey No. 418BalsanaDhulia
112.Temple between Durga's Temple and Math in Survey No. 141BalsanaDhulia
113.Old gateways in the ruined fort & cavesBhamerDhulia
114.Seven Mohammedan TombsThalnerDhulia
115.Three Mohammedan TombsThalnerDhulia
116.Ancient site & remainsPrakashaDhulia
117.Old TempleArmoriGadchiroli
118.Stone CircleArsodaGadchiroli
119.Group of twenty cromlechs or KistvaensChamurshiGadchiroli
120.Rock CavesJharapapraGadchiroli
121.Group of TempleMarkandaGadchiroli
122.Fortress of TipagarhMurumgaonGadchiroli
123.Large TempleThanegaonGadchiroli
124.Fort wallWairaGadchiroli
125.Temple of BhandareshwarWairaGadchiroli
126.Ancient mound & monument known as Pawar's GadhiBahalJalgaon
127.Temple of ChangdevChangdevJalgaon
128.Temple of Debi & SambhaDighiJalgaon
129.Maheswara TemplePatanJalgaon
130.Temple of Chandika DeviPatanJalgaon
131.Temple of NagarjunPatanJalgaon
132.Temple of Shringer ChavdiPatanJalgaon
133.Mahadev TempleSangameshwarJalgaon
134.Mudhai Devi TempleVaghliJalgaon
135.Old Temple of Siddheshwar with three inscriptions slabsVaghliJalgaon
136.Ancient site and remainsTekwadaJalgaon
137.Archaeological site & remainsBhokardanJalna
138.Remains of an old fort on the hillBhiwagarhNagpur
140.Temple of MahadevGhograNagpur
141.Stone CircleJunapaniNagpur
142.Stone CircleGhorarNagpur
143.Ancient Buddhist remains comprising monastery, stupas, Rock-cut inscription etc.Mansar & KahariNagpur
144.Stone circleNildhoNagpur
145.Kalimata's TempleRamtekNagpur
146.Remains of a very old shrines upon the western ride at the end of the Remtek hill consisting of a portion of porch of a temple and the mutilated image of Trivikram Avatara of VishnuRamtekNagpur
147.Tank and� Mandapa opposite to the Dattatraya's TempleRamtekNagpur
148.Stone CircleTakalghatNagpur
149.Brahmanical caves locally known as a PandevlenaMahoor VillageNanded
150.Hindu TempleAmbegaonNasik
151.Old TempleAnjaneriNasik
153.Hindu TempleDeothanNasik
154.Old Matichi-GadhiNasikNasik
155.Pandev Lena CavesPathardiNasik
156.Temple of AeshwarSinnarNasik
157.Temple of Gondeshwar MahadevSinnarNasik
158.Trimbakeshwar TempleTringalwadiNasik
159.Jain TempleTringalwadiNasik
160.Hemadpanthi Temple of MahadevZodgeNasik
162.Hemadapanthi� Temple of MahadevNNeirYeotmal
163.Temple of Goddess pandardeviPandhardeviYeotmal
164.Temple of KamaleshwarPathrotYeotmal
165.Mahadev TempleRant SwangiYeotmal
166.Mahadev TempleRui-WaiYeotmal
167.Hemadpanthi Temple of Shree Mahadev (Taponeshwar)TaponaYeotmal
168.Mahadev TempleYelabaraYeotmal
169.Ancient site at BrahamapuriKolhapurKolhapur
170.Panhala Fort

i. �Ambarkhana, ������������ii.� Andhra Vav

iii. Dharma Kopthi,

iv. Naikinicha Sajja

v.� Teen Darwaja,��� ��������vi. Wagh Darwaja

vii.Tatabani together with bastions

171.Buddhist CavesPanhalaKolhapur
172.Whole hill fort of Sion together with all ancient Protugese remais of buildings situated to the north, east and south-east sides of the hillSionMumbai
173.Monolithic bass relief depicting SivaParel villageMumbai
174.Old Portuguese Churches, tower and caves


MandapeshwarMumbai Suburban
175.Buddhist CavesKanheriMumbai Suburban
176.Jogeshwari CavesMajasMumbai Suburban
177.Kondivate Caves



KondivateMumbai Suberban
178.Mandapeshwara CavesMandapeshwarMumbai Suburban
179.Portuguese Monastery over the cave & the large watch tower on the adjoining hillMandapeshwarMumbai Suburban
182.Chouaburji-Castle or Factory of CheulAgarkotRaigad
183.Church & Convent of the AugustiniansAgarkotRaigad
184.One Dominican Church & CoventAgarkotRaigad
185.Jusuit MonasteryAgarkotRaigad
188.St. Francis Xavier's ChapelAgarkotRaigad
189.Satkhani St. Barbara's TowerAgarkotRaigad
190.Two gates-Potra Da Mar & Pota da TerraAgarkotRaigad
191.Hirakota old FortAgarkotRaigad
192.Kolaba Fort Containing

i)� Manik Chawada,��� ���ii)�� Nanisahib's� Palace

iii)� North Causeway,�� iv)� Padmavati Shrine

v)� Reservoir� Apsaras, vi)� Sarja Kot

vii) Shrine of Bhawani,� viii) Shrine of Maruti

ix)� Shrine of Yashvantadari, xi)� Talghar

x) South causeway, ��xii) Temple of Bopdec

xiii)Temple of anpati-pen-Chyaten

xiv)Temple of Gulabai or Mahtshuri

xv) Temple of Kanoba,�� xvi)Thorle wada,

xvii)Temple of Mahadev

xviii)Tomb of a Mahammadan saint

194.Birwadi FortBirwadiRaigad


195.Barber's MahelCheulRaigad
196.Dader (Stair Case)CheulRaigad
197.Kaman (Arch)CheulRaigad
200.Tomb of AngreCheulRaigad
201.Wada of Dancing GirlsCheulRaigad
203.Elephanta CavesGharapuriRaigad
204.Ghereagad or Surgad FortGhera SurgadRaigad
205.Ghosalgad FortGhosaleRaigad
206.Old Fort containing a temple of the God Kangormel & Two tanksKadasari KangoriRaigad
207.Buddhist CavesGomashiRaigad
208.A precipitious hill near Raigad Fort Containing one rock-cut cistern of water. It was formerly used as a Jail for prisoners.Kadasari LinganaRaigad




210.Caves in Survey No.49 & No. 50KolRaigad
211.CavesKondhane����� Raigad
212.Old FortKorlaiRaigad
215.Kasa (Kamsa) FortMurudRaigad
216.Thanala CavesNadsurRaigad
217.Nagothana BridgeNagothanaRaigad
218.Khadsamla CavesNenawaliRaigad
219.Jijamata's Samadhi consisting of four towers.PachadRaigad
220.Jijamata's Wada comprising four dilapidated houses & three wells surrounded by a stone wallPachadRaigad
222.Caves Near the Kotali FortPethRaigad
223.Kotali Fort with two iron guns and one bronze gunPethRaigad
224.Janjira FortRajapuriRaigad
225.Tombs at Kholkar Najik Ghumaj (Khokeri Ghumaj)RajapuriRaigad
226.Fort of RaigadRaigadRaigad
227.Tala FortTalaRaigad
228.Ancient Bricks stupa at Elephanta Island.GharapuriRaigad
229.Kondane caveskhapoliRaigad
230.Aga Khan Palace BuildingPunePune
231.Cave Temple of BhamburadaPoonaPune
232.Old Citadel know as Shaniwar WadaPoonaPune
233.Old European TombsPoonaPune
235.Excavations & InscriptionsShelarwadiPune
237.Small Dargah near Habsi GumazAgarPune
238.Cave Temple and InscriptionBedsaPune
239.Cave temple and InscriptionBhajaPune
240.Caves and inscription at the Nana Pass (Naneghat)GhatgharPune
241.Caves, Temple and InscriptionJunnarPune
242.Fort of ShivneriJunnarPune
243.Habsi GumbazJunnarPune
244.Caves, Temple and inscriptionKarlaPune
245.Ancient dam with lock and sluice gatesKhedPune
246.Dilawar Khan�s MasjidKhedPune
247.Dilawar Khan�s TombKhedPune
248.Lohagad FortLohagadPune
249.Bhuleshwar Mahadeo TempleMalsirasPune
250.Mohammed Tughlak's MosqueKhanapurSangli
252.Rock cut Caves (Ganesh lena group)DapoliRatnagiri
253.Suvarnadurga fortHarnaiRatnagiri
254.Jaygad fortJaydgadRatnagiri
255.Vijaydurg fortVijaydurgRatnagiri
256.Panta's Kot or Got open spaceKaradSatara
257.Old Temple of the River KrishnaOld MahabaleshwarSatara
258.Jhabreshwar Mahadev TemplePhaltanSatara
259.Buddhist cavesJakhinwadiSatara
260.Tomb of BegamiGhodeshwarSholapur
261.Aurangazeb's Fort


262.Old Temple of� Sri Siddeshwar (enclosed in a paved court)MachnurSholapur
263.Covered colonnade ( to the south of the well)MahalungSholapur
264.Hemadpanthi Temple of MahadevMahalungSholapur
265.Hemadpanthi Temple of VithobaMahalungSholapur
266.Hemadpanthi WellMahalungSholapur
267.Mahadev StonesMahalungSholapur
268.Temple of Devi (Yamai)MahalungSholapur
269.Old FortSholapurSholapur
270.Gateway and old Maruti temple with Viragal stones on either side.VelapurSholapur
271.Old doubled shrined templeVelapurSholapur
272.Old Temple & Viragals or sculptural memorial stonesVelapurSholapur
273.Old Temple of Sarkarvada locally known as Parasnath templeVelapurSholapur
274.Temple of Haranareshwar & Ardhanarinateshwar, one Hemadpanthi tank (small square kunda) & Vinagal stone kept in the comound.VelapurSholapur
275.Sindhdurg fortMalvanSindhdurg
276.Temple of AmbarnathAmbarnathThane
278.Fort� and� portuguese remainsBasseinThane
279.Tank by the west side of ther road from Umarale village to Bolinj


280.Mound locally known as "Sonar Bhat"GasThane
281.Caves on Burud� HillKhunwadaThane
282.Mahuli FortMahuliThane
283.Mound locally known as " Burud kot" MardesMardesThane


�� 1.Brahmanical CavesPolu SonalaThane
�� 2.Carved StonesVadaThane


This information was given by Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (Independent Charge) and Minister of State for Civil Aviation Dr. Mahesh Sharma in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on 2nd March, 2016.

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