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GRAVITY Interactive, Inc. Announced the Return of Dragon Saga for the European Region

  • The hit side-scrolling MMORPG has returned to the European region
  • Available again to European countries including Switzerland, Norway, the UK, and Turkey
  • European users will be able to reactivate their Dragon Saga accounts

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AssaultRagnarok--Gravity Interactive, Inc., a subsidiary of Gravity Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRVY), a leading global game company, announced that its PC game Dragon Saga has returned to the European regions as of May 12, 2021, including Switzerland, Norway, the UK, and Turkey.

Dragon Saga was first released in Europe on June 10, 2009, with the North American and Asian regions following later that year. Dragon Saga gives players an enchanting and vast world to explore with its fast-paced combat, extraordinary skills, massive bosses, and dungeons. Players can also put their skills to the test in PvP as well as GvG modes or further customize their play experience with the unique pet system.

Previous players of Dragon Saga are able to recover accounts. However, players will need to first go through a password recovery process. Further details for the password recovery can be found on the FAQ page.

During the festivities, players will be treated to a variety of welcome back events and gifts. Additional details of the welcome back celebration will be posted on the official Dragon Saga social media pages.

Dragon Saga can be downloaded at the link below and is now officially available to the European region and Turkey with English language support.

[Download the Game]

WarpPortal: http://www.playdragonsaga.com/downloads/clientdownload.aspx

[Official website of Gravity] http://www.gravity.co.kr/en/

About Gravity

Established in April 2000, the quickening period of Korea�s online game industry, Gravity has been leading the golden age of online and mobile games. Gravity is the only game company in Korea that is directly listed on the NASDAQ.

Gravity is servicing games of various genres in Korea and abroad on the basis of the Ragnarok IPs, such as Ragnarok Online, which is a PC MMORPG with the largest user base in the world, Ragnarok M: Abyss Awakening, and Assault! Ragnarok, which are mobile MMORPGs, and Ragnarok Tactics, which is an SPRG. Having recently released Ragnarok Origin, a mobile MMORPG, in the Korean market, Gravity is on the fast track by climbing to a high sales ranking in the top two game markets.

Based on its powerful global network established through the success of Ragnarok Online, Gravity is also promoting the global publishing business to develop and distribute a range of platform and genre games as well as games using Ragnarok IPs.


Gravity Interactive, Inc.

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