Green Packet: Empowering Malaysians to Digitally Secure Their Neighborhoods with kipleHome at No Cost

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, December 16, 2019 --( Living in a well-connected and secure neighborhood is a universal need that every Malaysians strive for. In line with building more connected neighborhoods and safer communities, Kiple Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad now offers kipleHome, a digital residential management platform for free to residences in Malaysia including high-end condominiums, apartments and gated and guarded communities starting from today.

At present, 90% of neighborhoods still rely on manual processes to manage their property. This is pretty worrying as many security concerns may arise from the manual processes that management bodies use.

Some of the common concerns are visitor registration through a log book could be easily tampered with or even misplaced. Furthermore, there is no proper validation of visitor’s information which could create a window for unauthorized entry.

According to the CEO of kipleHome, Ti Lian Seng, “It’s inevitable that increased accessibility to digital residential management is an important first step to keep homes safe and secure. Property managers and technology companies like us play a part in building digitally-empowered communities. That’s why we’re providing the essential features of kipleHome for free to all residences in Malaysia.”

kipleHome employs a digital visitor management system that increases security controls for both management bodies and residents. Residents can pre-register their visitors and receive instant alerts once their visitors arrive. This allows the resident and security guard to verify that each visitor entry is authorized.

Another feature of kipleHome is private messaging, which establishes a channel for two-way communication between residents and property managers. In case of an emergency or suspicious activity, residents can immediately contact management for assistance or to make a report.

In addition, kipleHome’s mobile app is designed to facilitate easy and open communication mainly to establish a much-connected neighborhood, which paves the way for residents and property management bodies to achieve a safer and empowered community.

Beyond the basic features that are offered as free-to-use, there are also advanced features such as License Plate Recognition (LPR) that replaces traditional access cards for enhanced security and frictionless entry and exit for vehicles into residential properties.

There is also an AI-enabled smart surveillance system that uses artificial intelligence facial recognition technology to detect intruders, raising the bar in keeping the home environment safe and secure.

These features are offered in the kipleHome Plus and kipleHome Smart plans available as a monthly subscription plan with no limitation or minimum requirement on the number of managed households.

kipleHome has been introduced and taken up by communities across Klang Valley and Penang, with plans to expand to other states. “We look forward to working with all property managers to take their residential communities to the next level especially when we adopt and embrace new technologies. Our hope is that more Malaysians will join us on this journey in building safe and connected communities,” added Ti, encouraging all strata residents, Joint Management Boards (JMB) and residents’ associations to sign up with kipleHome.

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