Grievance Redress Mechanism: Right to delivery of service

It is the constant endeavour of the Government to further improve the Grievance Redress Mechanism so that the problems faced by the people are mitigated. A grievance can be lodged on the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) from anywhere, anytime and action can be tracked by the petitioner. Detailed analytical reports are generated from CPGRAMS based on which monitoring of action taken is being done through regular review meetings. Grievances are also monitored through the Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI) platform. Further, a Grievance Analysis Study has been conducted in respect of top 20 Ministries/Departments/Organizations receiving maximum number of grievances for identifying the root cause of major grievances and systemic reforms necessary to address them. The Reports have been duly circulated to the concerned Ministries/Departments. Respective Departments have taken up reforms like automatic refunds on cancellation of Railway Tickets, Single Window Pension through disbursing Banks, intensive mechanized cleaning of coaches, e-verification of Income Tax Returns, expeditious Income Tax Refunds upto Rs.50,000/- among other reforms.

Laws like the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 etc. already exist for dealing with consumer related complaints. A Delivery of Services and Grievances Redress Scheme has also been prepared. The Scheme inter alia makes it mandatory for the public authorities to regularly publish and update their Citizens� Charter specifying fixed time period and Designated Officers for the services being provided by the Government.

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