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Ground rules of Driving on Indian Highways

1. One bleak headlight, coming in the opposite direction, could be a 20 Ton Container truck.
2. 6 blinding headlights, coming in the opposite direction, could be 1 Royal Enfield.
3. A TVS 50, with no lights, could be carrying 6 people
4. Buses & trucks, depending on the mood of the driver, can arbitrarily drive on the right side.
5. If car has left indicators blinking, doesn't mean it will turn left. Converse is also true.
6. A TVS 50, can carry something twice its length.
7. Overloading? , what is it?
8. A 4 seater hatchback could be (In many cases, will be) carrying at least 8 people.
9. Driving Lanes for Indian drivers are like queues, they are meant to be broken.
10. Roads are like public parks, people like to do their evening walks, play and keep stuff out to dry on them
11. Reflectors are for sissys, seatbelts are for cowards and indicators are for the illiterate.
12. Two wheelers are inspired by Japanese Kamikaze Pilots. They will fling themselves at you from all directions.

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