GS1 Hong Kong and buildingSMART Hong Kong Chapter signed a MoU to advance global standards in the construction sector

HONG KONG, CHINA -� Media OutReach - 27 October, 2020 - GS1 Hong Kong has
signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HKABAEIMA (Hong Kong Alliance
for Built Asset & Environment Information and Management Associations),
which is the Hong Kong chapter of buildingSMART, to enable the construction
industry to benefit from the combined expertise of both organisations through the
use of standards and services they deliver.

Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 HK (left) and Ada Fung, President of HKABAEIMA
(right) signed a MoU to advance global standards in the construction sector.�

The use of global buildingSmart and GS1 standards, in particular for
product instance identification and exchange of product data, is critical in
addressing today's challenges of digitalisation in the construction sector.

This agreement further strengthens the benefits of open standards-based
interoperability throughout the building and infrastructure value chain and
lifecycle, and the broader application of digital product information. With
shared visions and goals, the aim of this MoU is to jointly expand the breadth
and depth of the standards that are developed and maintained in their
respective communities.

"As a vendor-neutral and not-for-profit body that leads the development of
open digital information flows across the built asset economy, we uphold the
Vision of buildingSMART to enable full benefits from digital ways of working in
the built asset industry; and we uphold the Vision of the HKABAEIMA to foster
societal collaboration for smarter information management across built asset
and environment. I look forward to collaborating closer with GS1 Hong Kong to
advance the frontiers of built asset industry, helping to enable digital
transformation for Smart City development," said Ada Fung, President of
HKABAEIMA cum Chair of Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART.

"GS1 standards for identification and product data exchange enhance supply
chain efficiency, enabling interoperability between actors in BIM processes.
The standards build the foundation for life cycle traceability of building
materials, which supports the construction industry with better authentication,
enhanced compliance and increased sustainability," Anna Lin, Chief Executive of
GS1 Hong Kong said. "We are honoured to collaborate with HKABAEIMA in strengthening
open standards and interoperability throughout the supply chain, driving the
digital transformation of Hong Kong's construction sector."

About GS1 Hong Kong

Founded by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce in 1989, GS1 Hong
Kong is the local chapter of GS1�, a not-for-profit, standards organisation
that develops and drives adoption of easy-to-implement global standards for
business to uniquely identify, accurately capture and automatically share vital
information about products, locations and assets. Headquartered in Brussels,
Belgium, GS1 has 115 national chapters serving 150 economies globally.

GS1 Hong Kong's mission is to empower business to grow and to improve
efficiency, safety, authenticity and sustainability across multiple sectors and
facilitates commerce connectivity through the provision of a full spectrum of
platforms, solutions and services based on our global standards. We provide a
trusted foundation for accurate, sharable, searchable and linkable data. Our
EPC standard lays the foundation for IoT, powering a range of IoT-based
services and applications. We are helping industry to meet the challenges of
omni-channel commerce and create a seamless customer experience. By engaging
with communities of trading partners, industry organisations, government, and
technology providers, we are fostering a collaborative ecosystem and aiming for
"Smarter Business, Better Life".

Currently, GS1 Hong Kong has around 8,000 corporate members covering close
to 20 industries including retail consumer goods, food and food services,
healthcare, apparel, logistics as well as information and technology.

For more information about GS1 Hong Kong, please visit�


Hong Kong Alliance
of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations
(HKABAEIMA) is founded by three associations [i.e., Hong Kong Geographic
Information System Association (HKGISA), Hong Kong Institute of Civil and
Building Information Management (HKICBIM) and The Hong Kong Institute of
Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM)] which are specialised in Information
Management for Built Asset and Environment industries.

The Alliance forms
a platform to gather all experts and professionals in Information Management
for sharing their experience and collaborating to develop cross-discipline
information flow for a better integration of the use of information within our
built asset industry and realize the full societal, environmental and economic
benefits of open sharable infrastructure and building asset information into
commercial and institutional processes worldwide. Our vision is to proactively
facilitate the active use and dissemination of open data standards enabling
infrastructure and building asset data and lifecycle processes to improving the
value achieved from investments in built assets and enhance opportunities for
growth in the following levels:

(1) Industry level:
To connect information management communities across built asset and environment

(2) Society level:
To serve society by building capacity, sharing experience and enabling
information exchange.

(3) Global level:
To drive digital transformation in line with global development.

The openBIM
approach promoted by buildingSMART targets to enhance interdisciplinary
communication using industry-standard exchange methodologies and streamline the
information sharing and collaboration process. HKABAEIMA sees the openBIM
potential and opens an opportunity to local and global practitioners to learn,
to share and to interchange with each other to empower the development of a
sustainable BIM roadmap.

HKABAEIMA cum Hong Kong Chapter of buildingSMART have more than 30 members that
are corporations, educational institutions, or societies. GS1 HK is one of our
Corporation Members and our associations currently have more than 2,000 members
since established in November 2019.

For more information about HKABAEIMA, please visit�

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