GX Sciences’ New Women’s and Men’s Genetic Health Panels Now Available

GX Sciences' New Women's and Men's Genetic Health Panels Now Available

Now announcing two new Nutrigenomic test panels from GX Sciences! Read here about the Men's and Women's Genetic Health Panels and visit our website for more.

Online PR News – 19-February-2019 – GX Sciences offers the most comprehensive Nutrigenomic testing available in the medical marketplace today. We are proud to announce the release of two brand new genetic health panels for our providers and their patients. Now available is the Womens Health Panel and the Mens Health Panel. Our Nutrigenomic test panels are able to analyze up to 120 gene variants and are completely personalized to each patient. Each GX Sciences Nutrigenomic Report identifies single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are hand-picked for each panel by our medical experts and suggests nutritional and health needs based on a patients specific DNA.

Our new Womens and Mens Genetic Health Panels takes an individuals DNA findings and interprets the results with GX Sciences proprietary SNP Genius software and Precision Supplementation algorithm. Utilizing these methods we can determine a patients specific therapeutic and nutritional needs, lifestyle recommendations and laboratory tests that will assist you and your provider. These hormone panels are completely non-invasive genetic tests that require a simple cheek swab. These panels help to identify hormone imbalances in males or females. Hormones influence complex processes in the body involving mood, sexual function, reproduction, metabolism, growth, and development. Understanding your genetic predisposition allows you and your healthcare provider insight and direction to the proper course of treatment or natural support you may need due to your genetic weaknesses. In addition, it will make you more aware of the signs and symptoms of possible complications and potentially life-threatening issues that you may have encountered or could encounter later in life.

The GX Sciences Womens Health Panel includes 23 gene variants that are significant factors in blood clot risk, hormonal production and breakdown, and risk factors for infertility, just to name a few. Knowing your genetic status early or late in life could help tremendously before a health issue becomes detrimental. If a female is struggling with irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, low libido, decreased fertility, thyroid problems, excess facial or body hair, bone loss, loss of scalp hair, and poor concentration, it may be time to order a Womens Health Panel.

The GX Sciences Mens Health Panel consists of 15 gene variants that play an important role in testosterone conversion and breakdown, risk of metabolic weakness and hypertension, and estrogen formation. Symptoms of a hormone imbalance include decreases in muscle strength, libido, mental clarity, and stamina in addition to depression and poor concentration. If a male is experiencing any of these signs, they may want to consider a Mens Health Panel.

In addition to the Mens and Womens Health Panels, GX Sciences offers a total of 14 genetic panels that are available via cheek swab. We make it easy to decide which DNA Panel is right for you by providing more on our website There you can find information about all the genetic testing offered through 1500+ medical providers around the world. You can find where GX Sciences testing platform is offered by using the Provider Map on our website. Learn more on our website today at or call 844.258.5564. GX SciencesInnovative Genomic Solutions.

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