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H3 Dynamics & ELID Partner on Fully Autonomous Building Facade Maintenance, Link-up AXIOBOT� Robotic Gondolas to H3 Zoom� Fa�ade Inspection Software

  • AXIOBOTSRobotic Gondolas from ELID connect to H3 Dynamics� H3 Zoom Industrial AI Platform
  • Unique End to End Autonomous Building Fa�ade Maintenance System to Begin Trials in Singapore

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Singapore industrial AI & robotics companies, H3 Dynamics and ELID Technology, have entered a commercial and technical partnership that ties H3 Dynamics� AI-enabled fa�ade assessments to ELID�s robotic fa�ade repair gondolas.

The combined technologies create the first end to end automation solution covering both inspection and remediation activities on tall buildings. This increases worker safety, while scaling up much needed maintenance in large-scale cities with aging populations and thousands of aging structures.

Launched 3 years ago, H3 Dynamics� H3 Zoomplatform applies AI and workflow automation to help digitize health assessments of various structures and sites, with a first solution aimed at modernizing dangerous fa�ade inspection work. This year Singapore enacted the Periodic Fa�ade Inspection regime, making it compulsory to inspect buildings over 13 meters high and over 20 years of age every 7 years. Anticipating this development, Singapore�s JTC Corporation partnered with H3 Dynamics to develop an all-digital fa�ade inspection solution as part of a national innovation initiative, now seen as the most advanced solution of its kind. The AI-enabled solution has been applied to over 900 buildings so far in Singapore alone.

So far H3 Dynamics relied mainly on drone cameras to feed its cloud-based report generation system with HD and thermal images. But in the last 2 years its platform expanded to �non-drone" data workflows, connecting to body worn cameras, fixed cameras, and various robots � including AXIOBOTS robotic fa�ade gondolas from ELID. �H3 Zoom is an agnostic site or asset intelligence platform - we purposely separated our software platform from our hardware developments so that we can open ourselves to new possibilities,� says Shaun Koo, CTO and co-Founder of H3 Dynamics� H3 Zoom business. �Robotic gondolas can operate autonomously where drones cannot, especially in tight urban environments.�

Following recent developments with CapitaLand, one of South-East Asia�s leading real estate companies � H3 Dynamics� H3 Zoom platform capabilities have expanded to automated repair cost estimates, vendor management as well as repair project tracking. The platform links seamlessly to third party enterprise software, such as SAP�s work order management systems, or BIM tools from Autodesk, and has now partnered with HP Enterprise and Oracle to reach even more clients. The company�s system is open, agnostic, and can flow easily from assets anywhere in the field to clients� operations.

ELID�s AXIOBOTS robotic gondolas bring fa�ade maintenance automation to the next level: they can paint, grout, clean, check for waterproofing and provide visual inspection. Combining AXIOBOTS with H3 Zoom AI-enabled platform fully automates the physical inspection and remediation process, linking precise positioning and qualification of defects with automated NDT physical checks and repair.

�Our partnership with ELID exemplifies a powerful end to end innovation, where robots are not just capable of acquiring data, but also execute repair tasks identified by our AI analytics platform. This will make smart cities even smarter - bringing building automation to the next level,� stated Taras Wankewycz, CEO of H3 Dynamics.

�We are proud to have H3 Dynamics� market leading 'Facade Inspector' solution tied to AXIOBOTS facade robots. This provides clients with an easy all-in-one-solution for their fa�ade maintenance needs,� says Kenneth Wong, CEO of ELID Technology International.

H3 Dynamics and ELID are expected to begin trials of the combined solution in Singapore with JTC Corporation and Frasers Property Singapore, as a springboard to other megacities and countries with dense urban city-centers.

About H3 Zoom by H3 Dynamics:

Seeing digitization as the main driver for autonomous robotics and drone operations, H3 Dynamics created the H3 Zoom platform in 2015. H3 Zoom is a cloud-based and sensor agnostic autonomous analytics services platform that aggregates and transforms raw image and video files into cloud-based analytical insights. H3 Zoom�s broad array of expert services help accelerate maintenance and compliance decision-making for site or structure owners, facilities managers, and construction companies. The platform was launched commercially in 2019 and has since become a market leader for remote analytics as a service in Southeast Asia, with expansion now taking place globally through several partnerships including SAP, Oracle, and HP Enterprise.

About ELID Technology:

ELID Technology has been a renowned manufacturer of Access Control solutions since 1993 and started the development of AXIOBOTS in 2015. AXIOBOTS� autonomous painting system was completed in 2017 while its cleaning, visual inspection, and water-tightness testing capability was launched in 2019�making AXIOBOTS the world�s 1st automated 4-in-1 robotic fa�ade solution, and a market leader in its field. AXIOBOTS has patents granted in 7 countries including Singapore and United States while 6 other countries pending grant. Deployable in any mode of access such as suspended platform, boom lifts and BMUs, and with a growing number of projects in Singapore, ELID is setting its sight on global expansion.


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