High-Performance & Tailor-Made for Japan � Mineral Casting Technology from RAMPF

World-market leader presents epoxy-resin-based EPUMENT� material and pioneering molding technology at MECT 2019 in Nagoya � Booth 1D25.

Osaka, Japan, October 11, 2019 --( EPUMENT� mineral casting for high-performance machine beds and machine bed components as well as pioneering molding technology for unrivalled precision are the focus of RAMPF Group Japan at MECT 2019 in Nagoya � Booth 1D25.

RAMPF�s alternative machine bed material EPUMENT� mineral casting is used in numerous industries across the globe. Alongside conventional machine tool construction, these include applications in the semi-conductor, laser, medical, and packaging industries.

The popularity of EPUMENT� is essentially due to its outstanding damping qualities in comparison to gray cast iron and welded constructions. This ensures the machine bed structure has greater dynamic stability in ultra-fast and high-precision production machinery. Comparative measurements of the logarithmic decrement as a damping parameter show that mineral casting has a material damping capacity that is eight to ten times greater than metal materials.

Further benefits of EPUMENT� mineral casting:
- Low thermal conductivity for high thermal stability
- High isotropy and homogeneity prevent load-related deformation of machine beds
- High media resistance
- Unconventional bed and variant structures thanks to flexible modeling, non-cutting replication, and innovative bonding technology
- Lower machine cover/cladding costs thanks to high surface and design functionality
- Resource-saving, almost CO2-free production (cold cast), environmentally friendly disposal and recycling contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial production

Masafumi Yasunaga, Division Manager Machine Systems at RAMPF Group Japan � �EPUMENT� mineral casting is manufactured by RAMPF in China for the Asian markets. The machine beds and machine bed components produced for the Japanese market are of the highest quality and tailor-made for the demands of our customers. As a full-service partner for developing and manufacturing future-oriented machinery and production technology, we look forward to discussing the potential of our EPUMENT� material with the visitors of MECT 2019.�

Breakthrough molding technology
RAMPF Group Japan will also feature its pioneering molding technology for mineral casting machine beds. Whereas replication accuracy in the hundredths of a millimeter range could previously be reliably achieved only with lengths up to 2.5 meters, RAMPF now achieves both flatness and straightness of 0.02 millimeters with a molding length of 4 meters.

The numerous advantages of non-cutting machine beds made of mineral casting can now also be used for larger precision surfaces:
- Unbeatable cost-efficiency, especially for medium to large quantities, as there is no costly use of machining equipment
- Entire process is completed by RAMPF in-house � replicating in a climate-controlled workshop at 20�C, no external processors or transport required
- High reliability due to lack of influence from machines or tools
- Only a small number of milling and grinding contractors can reliably provide such high-precision results in these dimensions; the new replication technology eliminates any dependency on these service providers (e.g. fluctuating capacities) and thus ensures just-in-time delivery

Visit RAMPF Group Japan at MECT 2019 in Nagoya from October 23 - 26 � Booth 1D25.

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