Hike Messenger crosses 100 million users

Hike MessengerHome-grown Hike Messenger said it has crossed the 100-million user mark. "Crossing 100 million users is a milestone for us and we have achieved this well ahead of our expectations," Hike Messenger Founder and CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal said in a statement.

The company acquired 30 million additional users in just three months as it crossed 70 million users in October 2015, the statement said.

Hike is now logging a monthly messaging volume of 40 billion messages, having doubled on messaging in a span of 5 months from 20 billion messages per month logged in August 2015, it added.

"This huge user base is not only messaging and calling on Hike, but is reading News on Hike in Hindi and English, viewing live Cricket scores, getting inspired on Hike Daily, transferring huge files without internet on Hike Direct and so on," Mittal said.

Apart from core messaging, Hike has witnessed high growth momentum on the platform as well.

It said that since the launch of Hike Direct in October 2015, users have transferred close to 10 million files totaling to more than 200 Terabytes of data till date without the internet.

"90 percent of Hike users are under the age of 30, and 90 percent of them are based in India," the statement said.

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