Hodusoft Announce Conferencing Software for Educational Webinar

Hodusoft's Conferencing solution extends the reach of education and brings a live classroom experience to each participant.

Ahmedabad, India, February 02, 2019 --( Hodusoft, a division of global VoIP technology leaders Ecosmob, announced the launch of its Conferencing Software tailored for Educational Webinars.

“While conferencing is widely used in business, it is also perfect for education in the current context provided the conferencing software has features that mimic classroom experiences. Hodusoft’s video conferencing software for webinars is the outcome of research into training practices, needs of education sector, ease of use, deployment and costs involved. Hodusoft video conferencing for education is comprehensive, affordable and easy to use,” said the VP.

Hodusoft CC solution is feature rich and easily recreates the live classroom experience. It has rollcall to let the moderator know who is in attendance and the number of participants. There are various modes of engagement such as a trainer making a presentation and addressing all participants. Participants can “raise hands” if they wish to raise a query or answer a question. The trainer can engage in one-on-one conversation if a private chat is desired. It is possible to configure parameters so that the trainer can view all participants and participants may be permitted to view others too. WebRTC incorporation allows audio and video conferencing through browser based platform obviating the need for hardware infrastructure. Anyone can join with a simple mobile phone, internet and browser. Hodusoft conferencing software works right out of the box with minimum configuration setting. It also has rich customization in that one can set security parameters, grant permissions for attendance, map names and record the entire webinar for future reviews.

One issue of internet based webinars is speed and bandwidth as well as variety of devices that connect to the video conferencing software. Hodusoft prove their expertise in implementation by the use of SVC and other technologies that result in jitter-free video, crystal clear audio and seamless operation for the webinar conductor and for participants. The conferencing package may be used for webinars with mass participation and students can also use it for conversations with tutors to get questions answered.

Asked about use scenarios, he said that Hodusoft conferencing is offered as an on-premise package and a hosted solution which means nil investment. Even individuals can start their own online education services. It is perfect for governments that wish to reach out to far flung and remote villages. It is ideal for enterprises with many branches where one must collaborate as well as conduct in-house training sessions from time to time. It is versatile, flexible and totally reliable. Hodusoft provides full assistance in designing, implementing and support with maintenance to help clients get the best out of the conferencing solution.

Interested people may get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or initiate live chat on

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