Hodusoft Announce IPPBX Software for Hospitality

Hospitality needs excellent and state of art unified communications to serve customers and Hodusoft's IP PBX software fits right into the slot.

Ahmedabad, India, February 16, 2019 --( Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, globally acknowledge leaders in AI and VoIP developments, announced the launch of IP PBX software for hospitality industry. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP was emphatic about the technologically advanced, artificial intelligence imbued software they have come up with for the hospitality industry.

“Hospitality is global in nature and customers differ from the general consumer product category in expecting a higher than normal quality of service, especially in communications. Hodusoft’s IPPBX software goes beyond simple telephony in being a unified communication package with a high level of smart features and functionalities.”

Elaborating further, he said that Smart IVR is one of the features of Hodusoft’s multi-tenant IP PBX software. It allows a high degree of self service with minimal need for human intervention. Hodusoft offers visual IVR as opposed to traditional IVR with keypresses and this cuts short time for clients in that they can jump straight to the selection using their mobile phone. The IVR has everything including inquiry about location of hotel, rooms, amenities, rates, bookings and payments followed by confirmation. The AI imbued natural language recognition and multi-lingual capabilities further enhance caller experience.

Hodusoft’s hospitality communication solution gets even better with the inclusion of WebRTC that allows callers to use their smartphone browser to initiate a video chat. Hospitality can leverage this to convert callers by using video feature to show interior of the hotel and the room.

Keeping in step with the times the current iteration of Hodusoft IPPBX for hospitality is more of a Unified Communication platform than simple telephony. Apart from the usual voicemail, fax and voice features, this IPPBX includes audio-video chats and conferencing, chat, IM and social media with easy crossover and facility to carry forward the conversation from the caller side or the agent side.

While making the IP PBX the latest and feature rich, Hodusoft’s offering retains standard legacy features and seamlessly integrates into existing PSTN and traditional IP hardware based telephony systems. Of course, it can be implemented as a fresh system for startups in which case the hardware and IT infrastructure requirements are minimal. Further, Hodusoft offers IPPBX as a multi-tenant package which means hotel chains can qualify and quantify each location performance metrics with the help of inbuilt analytics.

As for cost, Hodusoft’s open source based solution is quite affordable if chosen as an on-premise solution. Should customers so prefer they can opt for Hodusoft hosted IPPBX. In either case they have access to upgrades, support and full maintenance as well as training and implementation assistance from start to finish.

Interested people in hospitality industry and service providers are welcome to phone Hodusoft on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or via website for more information.


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