Hodusoft Announce Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Financial Industries

Contact center software has so many features and benefits that it fits right into the communication slot for Financial services segment.

Ahmedabad, India, April 17, 2019 --( Hodusoft, a division of Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announced ready to use omnichannel contact center software for financial industries.

Speaking on the occasion, the company�s VP said, �Hodusoft has come up with revised and tailored omnichannel contact center software to meet the needs of modern financial industries. Our call center software is the outcome of research into needs of insurance, banks, payment processors and ewallet services each with their typical service models.�

He went on to elaborate on the features of Hodusoft omnichannel contact center software. The solution incorporates standard features like intelligent auto dialer, smart skill based mapping, call recordings, porting to CRM and automatic call distribution. Some of the key changes that will make quite a difference to customer experiences are embodied in the visual IVR and WebRTC features.

Before going into that he stated that Hodusoft�s solution is truly omnichannel in a bidirectional way. Customers can initiate issues through any channel and agents can migrate them to any other channel or respond through the same channel including social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. This cuts short the time for interaction. Then there are the usual other channels such as whatsapp, email, voice mail, fax and voice that come together in a better way in a single dashboard.

Going back to the IVR, he said that self service is an important component but the way IVRs are implemented more often than not proves to be a roadblock. This is why the omnichannel CC software incorporates visual IVR along with a degree of AI, which translates to faster resolutions and responses. More customers will opt for self service since it gives a better result than dealing with live agents.

Raising interaction experience is another matter that is tackled superbly with WebRTC inclusion. Customers can engage in a near face to face experience with agents through the live video chat feature. When need be it can turn into a conference if the agent wishes to rope in an expert to address an issue for immediate resolution. Documents may be shared and presentations made during the first interaction itself. There are no delays.

There are refinements in other areas too such as the call campaign management center. Financial services can organize and implement regular campaigns to generate more leads and get to a customer first.

If customer experience is an important aspect, so is usability by agents. Hodusoft�s CC software is user-friendly, gives singlepoint monitoring and control for agents and reduces stress. Happy agents do more for the company.

Financial industries interested in implementing the latest, hosted call center software on monthly subscriptions or on-premise solutions may get in touch on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on

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