Hodusoft Announces Contact Center Software for Diversified Industry Verticals

Hodusoft�s contact center software enhances communications in the corporate world and helps them address customer concerns far better and at a lower price.

Ahmedabad, India, October 04, 2018 --( Hodusoft, a leader in communication packages that work out of the box, launched contact center software with features that suit various industry verticals.

Hodusoft�s VP said that there is a general misconception that contact center software is only for contact centers. In fact, the features of this software make it just perfect for various industries and their concerns at delivering a delightful customer experience. Hoducc contact center software is miles ahead of the vanilla IP PBX software that businesses prefer as their communication tool. He went on to elaborate features and stated why Hodusoft�s omnichannel call center software is the newer and better tool. It is the Swiss army knife of communications.

Typical call center software feature set includes a predictive dialer, auto dialer, skill based call routing and automatic call distribution apart from analytics and reports. Hodusoft transplants these features into its contact center software for business. The skill based call routing feature, for instance, intelligently transfers calls from a caller to the right executive. It saves time for the caller and assures satisfaction while preventing annoying and frustrating experience of disturbing other executives.

Businesses may conduct sales campaigns from time to time and engage in cold calls. In this case the auto dialer is a great feature that fetches leads from CRM, dials numbers and puts through the call only when a live human connects. This feature, allied with predictive dialer, greatly improves call efficiency and generates results.

The omnichannel feature is another aspect that brings enhanced functionalities to the communication table said the VP. Callers may choose any channel through which to communicate and the executive handling the issue may need to switch channels effortlessly. This is easy in the Hodusoft omnichannel call center solution. Further, the conversation can be initiated or continued even when the executive is not in office via his mobile phone. It is smarter in every way compared to a vanilla PBX. Hodusoft has thoughtfully included WebRTC into the mix and this raises its CC software to greater heights of functionality and ease of use. WebRTC permits audio and video conferencing besides sharing of documents and video presentations. This is great when one wishes to interact with customers or when teams in various departments need to collaborate. They need not set up a meeting or engage in lengthy email exchanges.

The best thing about Hodusoft�s Contact Center Sofware for industries is that it has been customized to suit business needs of large enterprises and it can also fit in with small business owner�s telecom needs. Based on Freeswitch, the CC software is also highly affordable and does not need expensive IT infrastructure to work.

Interested businesses may get in touch with Hodusoft by phone on 91 79 489393993 or 1-707-78-4638 or via live chat on website

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