HoduSoft Announces IP PBX Software with Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Features

HoduSoft has come up with multi-tenant IP PBX software as another revenue stream for VoIP service providers. It comes with single-tenant and multi-tenant features.

Ahmedabad, India, July 30, 2020 --( HoduSoft, a leading VoIP service provider, has announced the launch of IP PBX software with single-tenant and multi-tenant features. It is one of the most scalable and comprehensive packages in the market.

During the launch of multi-tenant IP PBX software, VP of the HoduSoft said, "HoduSoft is continuously enhancing its technologies and is implementing several refinements that are customer-oriented in both terms of price and performance. Our IP PBX software is based on FreeSwitch that is a second-generation open-source platform that has various benefits, including multi-tenancy. It is capable of effectively handling the concurrent and large volume of calls along with fused in omnichannel communications as per the need of the current environment."

Elaborating on the features of the IP PBX software, he said, "IP PBX comes with various features including multi-tenant, auto-provisioning, prepaid and postpaid billing, and least call routing. Apart from these, it also offers an audio conference, payment gateway integration, real-time Analytics, BLF and presence, reseller module, SMS, reseller module, and other features."

Users can easily save costs by its least call routing feature. Its busy lamp function key works as a boon for various agents who need to handle high call volumes. It also comes with WebRTC Technology that brings Audio-video chat and conference facility to users.

Single-tenant feature in IP PBX software allows agents to serve a single client at a time. In it, some software is included locally, and few UI customizations are done, and beyond to it, no access to underlying code is allowed. Moreover, single-tenant IP PBX software can serve several benefits, including local management, security, flexibility, migration, restore, and backup.

Multi-tenant IP PBX software offers hosted services on your server. In it, Single instance of the software runs on the SaaS platform to serve various clients and tenants. In it, each tenant data is separated from each tenant and is invisible to other tenants.

HoduSoft multi-tenant IP PBX software has the best quality codecs and protocol integration that provides excellent quality voice clarity and connectivity throughout the world. It works as the best communication tool and makes you get connected to various clients via video and audio conferencing across any geographical area.

HoduSoft IP PBX software is highly customizable, and it permits users to customize the features of the software as per their requirements.

Single and Multi-tenant IP PBX software launched by HoduSoft is opting safe practices during COVID-19 to assist businesses and service providers in getting in contact with their clients and teammates from the safety of their home or offices.

Businesses or VoIP service providers interested in implementing multi-tenant IP PBX software can get in touch with HoduSoft for customized IP PBX software.

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