Hodusoft Announces Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Healthcare Sector

Hodusoft's contact center software raises doctor-patient interaction.

Ahmedabad, India, July 31, 2019 --( Hodusoft, a division of VoIP technology leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of tailored omnichannel contact center software developed for the healthcare sector. “One of the most important aspects of Hodusoft’s call center software for healthcare is the increased emphasis on tightest security and confidentiality of records to meet regulatory standards,” said the VP at the launch.

Hodusoft’s call center software is now omnichannel with social media integration, bringing in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into its fold with Whatsapp integration in the works. Doctor-patient interaction as well as the marketing interaction or service support can now go social and prove more pleasing for patients. This is in addition to the existing channels comprised of SMS, chat, email and voice tied together into a fluid platform synced into a CRM for better data management and services.

“Talk of call center software and the image conjured up is of a row of computers with agents. Hodusoft’s omnichannel contact center solution now has WebRTC integration. This does away with the need for IP phones and a structured IT as well as human resource deployment. Anyone and everyone in the specific hospital can connect with each other or with patients. What is more, WebRTC permits video chats and conferences and this changes the way doctors and patients interact. Remote consultations and visual examination of a patient are a reality and doctors can share patient records between them for better outcomes. Paramedics in the field, for example, can transmit a video of an accident victim to a doctor and get advice on steps to take. This is just one of the benefits of Hondusoft’s audio-video conference enabled CC solution. It could also be used in other ways to conduct seminars or training sessions for healthcare personnel.

If Hodusoft’s omnichannel contact center software can be the best tool for services to patients and earn their loyalty, it can also become a perfect marketing tool. Hodusoft’s call center software for healthcare features predictive dialer, IVR, CRM integration and SMS broadcasts too. Hospitals can use these features to rope in new customers, offer a spectrum of services and generate more revenues too.

Hodusoft’s omnichannel call center software for healthcare is technologically advanced and loaded with features but special care is given to making it easy and quick to use. The user interface has been designed keeping in mind general staff and healthcare personnel to help them carry out functions with minimal training. Here again, when it comes to access, security implementation is tighter in order to take care of compliance and assure confidentiality. “Hodusoft’s solution for healthcare is the most comprehensive and yet the most cost effective, available as on-premises solution or on a monthly subscription,” concluded the VP.

Health care services wishing to know just how Hodusoft’s omnichannel contact center can help them transform their operations are welcome to get in touch on phone 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on


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