Hodusoft Announces Web Conferencing Software Tailored for Businesses in the USA

Businesses in the USA have special needs in communication. Keeping this in mind Hodusoft has tailored its web conferencing solution to suit American businesses, small and large, with a host of customizable features.

Ahmedabad, India, November 30, 2019 --( Hodusoft, a unit of world VoIP technology giant Ecosmob, announced tailored web conferencing software for American businesses. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP claimed that Hodusoft’s conferencing software has all the features inspired by top conferencing solutions and none of the drawbacks. Besides, the conferencing software is offered at affordable rates and has full service support available at all times.

There is no lack of conferencing solutions in the US with the likes of Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Skype and Team offering virtually all features businesses need. However, said the VP, Hodusoft offers all these features but at a far more affordable price point and service too is reasonable as well as fast and prompt. As for features, the conferencing software has background tweaks and API integration designed to handle any media codec and protocol with ease. Further design improvements address latency and other internet related issues. Audio clarity remains the finest, as if users are having a face to face chat regardless of number of participants or locations.

If these features are class-leading then WebRTC is the proverbial icing on the cake. It is included in Hodusoft’s conferencing solution making it possible to conduct conferences, share documents and do lots more using desktop or mobile devices.

Hodusoft’s software features dynamic conference room creation, authentication, DTMF muting, unmute and rollcall, granular class of service, raise hands, name mapping and recording to mention just a few. Given just how important security and confidentiality are for business, Hodusoft have incorporated additional encryption and security measures to assure full protection for ongoing conferences. Unlike proprietary conferencing solutions that may have restrictions on users, there is no such limitation in Hodusoft’s conferencing package. Participants can join in from anywhere using desktop or mobile, with minimum but very secure authentication and without the need to install software. Even authorized personnel in a business can use their mobile phones to initiate and conduct a conference. The user interface is intuitive, friendly and easy to understand.

“We are upbeat about the American market and offer a free, full functional working demo,” said the VP. Hodusoft’s conferencing software has a global footprint stretching from Asia to Europe to the Americas. Hodusoft offers customization where needed to suit specific country or business compliance requirement or functionality as the case may be. Hodusoft, said the VP, is very customer centric and gives personalized attention to each client at all times.

American businesses interested in adopting Hodusoft’s conferencing solutions may get in touch by phone on 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on

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