Hodusoft Introduces Multi-Tenant IP-PBX Software for Hospitality Sector

The multi-tenancy feature of Hodusoft's IP PBX system, along with a host of other features, helps to raise communication and customer to greater heights in the hospitality sector.

Ahmedabad, India, February 01, 2020 --( Hodusoft, a division of Ecosmob, announced availability of revamped multi-tenant IP PBX software specifically developed for hospitality sector. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “There are quite a few marked changed in the current iteration of our IP PBX software. It has been purposed to suit hospitality sector with its multi-tenancy feature and has gained some artificial intelligence and machine learning features in the process. We have also made improvements to codec handling.”

The multi-tenancy part, he said, has gained improvements. One can have a number of main accounts and several sub-branches within each account. Even agents across the world can become part of the multi-tenant IP PBX software. This allows for granular control and monitoring. However, what is more important is that even though accounts are kept separate, calls can be routed within accounts, from one extension to another within the account and to another sub-account from one sub-account. This means hotels that have several branches can account for each as a separate unit and permit inter and intra-branch communications without missing a step. The least cost routing feature reduces cost of calls across geographic locations.

For customers too the unified communication based IP PBX becomes a joy to use since they can always get through to the person they wish to talk with if the inbuilt IVR does not provide answers. Plus, the CRM integrated IP PBX delivers a better experience through the IVR. From first contact to the time when the customer becomes a guest the IVR PBX combo provides great service experience at all levels and parts of the journey.

Hodusoft’s IP PBX raises the bar in communication and customer interaction with its integrated WebRTC and mobility feature. It becomes an enjoyable experience to have a virtual face to face conversation and even share documents or show a video featuring internal and external views of rooms and hotels.

“Hodusoft’s IP PBX software,” claimed the VP, “is more than communications. We have woven complex communication into a simple web, covering all the bases. Hodusoft engineers integrate the IP PBX and set it up within a day with easy plug to the existing CRM. We train and provide support to everyone part of the hospitality industry to use the features for optimal productivity.”

The best thing is that this top of the line modern IP PBX is available as a hosted software that can be up and running in just a couple of hours. Hodusoft takes care of installation, configuration and maintenance backed by ongoing upgrades. Hospitality sector customers do not need to pay a dime up front, do not need to worry about cabling spoiling looks of beautiful interiors and adding to the cost or the need to invest in hardware. Hodusoft PBX, claimed the VP, can actually help to generate more revenues and retain more customers. It pays for itself.

If you are in the hospitality sector as a hotel operator, surface transport provider or a travel agent you can get more information on Hodusoft. Simply dial 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on


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