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Hoffmann Green Cement Announces the Granting of the H-EVA Patent in China, its Clinker-Free Cement Based on Activated Clay


Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies (Paris:ALHGR) (ISIN: FR0013451044, Ticker: ALHGR) (“Hoffmann Green Cement” or the “Company”), an industrial player committed to decarbonizing the construction sector that designs and distributes innovative clinker-free cement, announces today the granting of a Chinese patent for its clay-based H-EVA cement.

One year after the granting of the Chinese patent for its H-P2A binder, Hoffmann Green Cement is further developing its intellectual property in this territory with the granting of a patent for its 0% clinker H-EVA cement.

After more than three years of analysis, the H-EVA patent has been validated by the Chinese Patent Office under the number CN 201880079822.X.

As a reminder, H-EVA is a 0% clinker cement based on an alkaline ettringitic technology based on activated clay and which is presented in the form of a powder that can be stored in a silo. With a mechanical strength of up to 60 Megapascal at 28 days, its strong technical performance makes it suitable for all types of concrete applications in buildings and on roads. H-EVA is notably used by the Bouygues Construction group in the context of 0% clinker clay concrete projects.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, said, "Following the granting of a first patent for our H-P2A technology, we are delighted to announce the strengthening of our intellectual property in the Chinese market with the granting of a patent for our clay-based H-EVA cement. This confirms once again our technological lead and the relevance of our low-carbon solutions”.


Founded in 2014 and based in Bournezeau (Vendée, Western France), Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and distributes innovative extremely low-carbon cements – with a carbon footprint 6 times lower than traditional cement – that present, at equivalent dosage and with no alteration to the concrete manufacturing process, superior performances than traditional cement.

With one 4.0 industrial site supplied by a park of solar trackers and two new sites on the way, the Group has industrialized a genuine technological breakthrough based on alterations to cement’s composition and the creation of a heating-free, clinker-free and low energy consumption manufacturing process making it a leading and unique player on a cement market that has not undergone any significant changes in the last 200 years.

Within the context of the climate emergency and energy price inflation, Hoffmann Green Cement is thus actively participating in the energy transition by producing a clean cement that consumes 10 to 15 times less energy than a Portland cement, by working to create eco-responsible buildings and by encouraging the circular economy and the preservation of natural resources. Thanks to its unrivaled technological know-how that is constantly improving, driven by effective and cutting-edge teams, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies addresses all construction sector markets, both in France and abroad.

For further information, please go to: www.ciments-hoffmann.fr


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