Hot Food Trends For 2016


There are Report of  growing interest in African and Middle Eastern flavors, artisanal beverages and ethnic cuisines and condiments, according to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association. Kale, quinoa, underutilized fish and gluten-free food — not so much.


Los Angeles thrives on foods of different tastes, multiple cultures and one-of-a-kind trends. As we start the new year, several predictions have been made in terms of what will dominate over kale and acai bowls and be deemed most popular. Here are a few fads that you might want to look out for in the coming months.


Amazon and Uber have even geared their services toward food. Food delivery is on the rise with more restaurants jumping on the bandwagon of offering a meal delivered to their doorstep to compete with other restaurants, make a better profit and satisfy lazy yet hungry customers.


Image Credit: Vegan Liftz

Seaweed appears to be the new, green superfood sparking interest nationwide. The ocean vegetable, typically consumed by Asian cultures, is said to be packed with a boatload of antioxidants, good fats, iodine and fiber.

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