Hotelier Mart Announces Strategic Alliance with SearchStays Network

Outram, Singapore, February 14, 2019 --( ?Blockchain-powered hotel room booking platform Hotelier Mart today announced a strategic alliance with international vacation rental network SearchStays to offer travelers access to a growing portfolio of luxury villas in over 50 destinations around the globe and a more personalized way of traveling.

All brands that comprise SearchStays Network, including GolfingStays, SkiHomestays and PetFriendlyVacationRental, will now be a part of Hotelier Mart’s platform. The websites will continue to function individually, however all brands will be connected and synchronized to ensure that travelers have easy access to both Hotelier Mart’s and SearchStays’ hotels and vacation rentals.

This strategic alliance defies the current “heads and beds” model, which is primarily focused on numbers, and instead gives travelers complete control over their experience.

Travelers can expect to have access to an innovative booking platform that opens the door to endless possibilities and features such as a local Experience Ambassador, countless destinations, coveted hotels and vacation rentals around the globe, and a booking system that enables preference profiling and seamless personalization.

About Hotelier Mart
Hotelier Mart is a blockchain-powered hotel booking platform created by a team of international luxury hoteliers, fintech and blockchain experts who joined forces to build a legacy and power the greatest change the hospitality industry has ever seen with a solution that benefits travelers and hoteliers.

Hotelier Mart’s seamless hotel booking platform includes: car rentals and airlines, verified reviews, KYC compliance, data protection within the blockchain, dedicated local Experience Ambassador, and a growing number of hotels and destinations.

About SearchStays
SearchStays is a global vacation rental network of over 15 international websites featuring 50,000+ high-end vacation rentals that specializes in creating personalized luxury holiday experiences across multiple destinations around the globe.


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