How Can Ixian Bring Blockchain Tech to Common Use

Powered by Ixian DLT and Secure Streaming Network, Spixi Aims to Bring Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to Widespread Use.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 30, 2018 --( One of the best ways to accustom the public to new technologies is by using them to improve an existing product or service. Talking to each other, exchanging experiences, pictures, data and value (in this case expressed in cryptocurrency IXI) are the most frequent activities in society today, and with Spixi the goal is to seamlessly introduce Blockchain, with all of its benefits, to common use.

Depending on the level of privacy and reliability users expect, using a centralized messaging app can be frustrating at times. Even though users rely on centralized systems daily, their inherent flaw is rarely taken into account - namely any single point of failure can cause the entire service to collapse for a period of time.

Both reliability and security which are the core principles of Ixian, can ultimately be achieved by dispersing the threat any single point of failure can pose. This is where Blockchain and distributed technologies come into place.

To maintain the stability and integrity of the Ixian Platform and consequently Spixi, the DLT and S2 networks rely on their decentralized architecture. This allows the networks to scale dynamically and provide a no-downtime service, which has yet to be offered on the messaging app market.

The entire ecosystem is designed to give more control and value back to the user. Network Nodes (both DLT and S2) are essential for Ixian Platform in a way that mitigates the pitfalls of a centralized service. Setting up and running DLT and S2 nodes is easy and affordable for all. As more and more users set up their own nodes, more IXI coins will be distributed, the network will become more resilient to attackers while increasing security and privacy for all.

With the ability to process large amount of micro-transaction, supported by a network for fast and secure data transmission between users, Ixian offers users unparalleled levels of privacy and reliability, while the platform itself provides for countless potential use case scenarios.

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