How Should You Decide the Sum Insured For Your Travel Insurance Policy

When going for a trip, be it a vacation or business it is advisable to opt for travel insurance as it takes care of your health and wealth. Travel insurance plans are often ignored unless one travels to countries like the U.S or U.K where it is mandatory. However, while traveling overseas it is not wise to travel without a travel insurance plan. No matter how careful you are, occurrence of an unplanned event might not only ruin your trip but can also burn a hole in your pocket. We often feel that having travel insurance is sufficient. But, choosing the right sum insured is as important as travel insurance.

Sum insured is the maximum coverage an individual is entitled under a specific benefit. In the case of travel insurance, there are certain benefits such as:

  • Medical benefits
  • Trip interruption and cancellation
  • Loss and theft of baggage

When it comes to choosing the best travel insurance plan online, it is advised to opt for a sum insured for the plan. The destination you are traveling to determine the size of the sum insured required. The medical cover is the main feature of any travel insurance, choose the sum insured on the basis of how expensive the medical expenses are in the country you are traveling to. Medical treatment is quite expensive in Schengen countries such as Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Therefore, it is advised to opt for travel insurance for a Schengen visa.

The right sum insured depends on the following factors:

  • Travel destination: The foremost factor that should be considered when opting sum insured is the country you are traveling. As medical costs in Schengen countries are high. When choosing the sum insured, opt for higher coverage if you are traveling to countries where the treatment costs are expensive. If you are traveling to South Asian countries you can go with a lower amount of cover.
  • Members included: The second important factor that you should consider is the number of members traveling with you should be included in the travel insurance plan. If you are on a solo trip, you cannot afford to take a lower sum insured. But, if you are traveling with your family you need to secure all your family members. Hence, you should buy a higher cover.
  • Travel itinerary: If you are traveling for recreational activities and wish to indulge in adventure sports, you should opt for additional coverage that includes these sports. Usually, a travel insurance plan does not include coverage for adventure sports unless it is specifically covered. If your trip covers adventure sports, it is advisable to opt for high sum insured and get extra coverage for accidents resulting from such sports.

How to Opt for Sum Insured?

Medical costs play a significant part in deciding the sum insured. The countries with increased healthcare costs will drive your sum insured upwards. This also implies to other features such as crime rate, inclination towards natural disasters and war. It is advisable to get quotes from different insurance companies. You should go with the ones that offer a high sum insured but a lower premium. It is the benefit that you receive when you make a claim.


Traveling overseas is an enjoyable experience. No matter how accurately you plan, there can be certain things that might not go as per your plan. Religare Health Insurance offers coverage against trip delay, loss of checked-in baggage and financial emergency. They offer insurance plans designed for Asia, Schengen, USA and other countries. According to the Schengen agreement, if you are on a business or leisure trip, you need to opt for a Schengen visa. But, before applying for Schengen visa you must opt for Schengen travel insurance. Then, only you can opt for Schengen visa.

If you are looking for the best travel insurance plan online, you opt for Explore-International Travel Insurance by Religare Health Insurance. Travel insurance can be purchased online on the website of Religare Health Insurance.

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