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How the study is going on? 

School Inspector : How the study is going on?
-Student : Ok, sir

SI : Which is the most interesting period?
St: Games period, sir

SI: Fine. Which is the most boring?
St: Exam, sir

SI: Oh really. Then pl suggest how to make the exam more interesting.

The whole class is silent. Then Paltu raised his hand.

SI : Yes, my boy.
Paltu: Sir, T 20 cricket emerged as the test cricket started becoming boring. We can take some idea from T 20 cricket to make the exam more interesting.

SI ; Very good. Pl elaborate
Paltu: Following are my suggestions:

1. First 45 minutes of the 3 hr exam will be power play.. There will be no invigilator in the class during this period.
2. After power play, during the next 45 minutes there will be something like over restriction. Means, the invigilator cannot enter the class for more than 4 times. During each entry he cannot spend more than 2 minutes in the class.

3. If the above restriction is flouted, there will be free hit. This means, he has to dictate one answer to the whole class.

4. After every 1 hour, there will be strategic time out of 5 minutes. During this time the students can discuss amongst themselves.

5. And the last one is most interesting. After every 30 minutes girls from the adjacent girls' school will come in the exam hall and perform like cheer leaders.

As per the last available information, the School Inspector is in the hospital

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