How to charge your mobile phone in 5 seconds?

How to charge your mobile phone in 5 secondsOne can charge their mobile phones (smart phones too) in few seconds. Are you wondering? Have you ever heard about a wonderful material called "Graphene"? It can help you to charge your mobile phones in 5 seconds.

After watching this video I thought of sharing this video with all our users. This video have some nice information regarding Graphene which is so called the future of electronics.

The most complaints from any smartphone user would be "Quick battery drain" & "Slow charging" . Well I would say, the battery drain is something which depends on individual's usage.. But when it comes to slow charging, the manufacturer can take that into account. Now let's take a look in detail about Graphene and see what it has to do with the Battery.

What is Graphene?

Graphene???? It sounds similar to Graphite.. Oh yes.!!! It is.. It is Graphite.. The simplest way to define Graphene is that, it is a single thin layer of Graphite which is a soft, flaky material used in a pencil. It is a allotrope of Carbon similar to Graphite, wherein the difference comes in the arrangement of molecular structure.

Why Graphene?

In simple the following would brief on why to use Graphene:

  • It is the strongest material discovered on earth so far. It is 100 times stronger than steel. (Even an elephant standing on it cannot break it)
  • Since being this strong, it can be used to build aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites, cars, motorcyle, bullet proof jackets etc., with high duralbility.
  • The best part is that inspite being so strong in their properties, this material is million times thinner than a piece of paper, as flexbile as a rubber and transparent too!!
  • Also Graphene is 1000 times a better conductor of electricity when compared to copper.

History of Graphene

Graphene is a known quantity for a long time since when human started using in the Neolithic Era. Scientists have documented the atomic structure and how it can be obtained from a Graphite. But still they were unsure whether Graphene can be obtained from Graphite by slicing just a one layer of its structure. Way back then in 2004, the first isolated sample of Graphene was discovered by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. They had proved that Graphene can be separated from a thin slice of Graphite.

Note: The Video is in Tamil - Indian language. But English Sub title will help you to understand this.

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