How to get oBike SGD $49 deposit back in Singapore

All the oBike users across Singapore have one question to ask: How can they get their refundable deposit of $49 back from oBike.

As per the reports oBike have one million users in Singapore. In-order to use their bike hiring service a user have to deposit $49 (adults) $19 (students), this is a refundable deposit. on 25th June, 2018 oBike ceased their service in Singapore also vacated their Singapore office.

Here is a way to get your $49/$19 oBike deposit back:

If you already have a App open the App

As soon as the app is opened just click on the menu from the top left

Then suddenly click on Wallet and then you can see this screen below

Then click on My Deposit,  you will get the screen as below

Click on the Refund Deposit button and you will get a message on the screen which says Deposit refund request has been successfully registered. You will receive your oBike deposit refund in next 14 days.

Make sure do this whole process as fast as possible. If you fail you will land up on the below screen, which will prevent you from accessing the Refund Deposit button, which will be covered by their announcement.


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