How to play red dead redemption 2 like a professional

Are you crazy about Red Dead Redemption II? Spend hours playing this game? And can you boast of being the best player in the game? If your answer to the last question was a "No," you are at the right place. 

Red Redemption 2 (rdr2) is an award-winning third-person perspective game filled with many activities and adventures. It has broken several sales records by being the second biggest launch in the gaming industry. Some publications have even honored it as "Game of the Year." 

If you have never tried it before and are a newbie at RDR II, you might need some time before you can become a pro. But, to develop some quick skills and become a pro, check out rdr2 hacks with aimbot. Also, read out the tips below and implement them in every single game you play from now on. 

Upgrade your Camp

Keeping the camp upgraded is crucial for success in the game. Arthur Morgan, who is the fictional character of the same, belongs to Van Der Linde Gang. The gang owner is Benjamin Byron Davis (Dutch van der Linde), and he has a camp. It comprises tents, bedrolls, benches, horses, a fire for cooking, an eating table, and an area for the horses to roam. These are the essential elements of RDR camps, but they can be upgraded. 

Upgrading the accommodation will let other gang members invest money and unlock the hidden components. From sharpening the senses in the Ledger camp to adding firepower in Arthur's wagon, you can try out a range of things that will help make your game better. 

Loot the Bodies Faster 

From the first shot of the revolver, you need to start looting. To succeed in the game, a good loot is a must. You can even make money by checking the dead enemies and their goodies to plunder and later sell them. 

The game provides you a realistic experience during the looting. You have to look for the loot in enemies' pockets or ammo belts. Your gang can loot the bodies, too, so be as quick as possible, or you will end up getting nothing. Don't wait for anything after the enemy dies in the gunfight. Jump up and start looting immediately.

Hunt Animals for Pelts

You might think that hunting is necessary to keep the camp well fed, but this is not the only reason for hunting. 

There are several other reasons for you to hunt animals in the game. For example, you can wear animal pelts for extra effect and a better look. This improvement in the game makes hunting more fun and pleasurable. So if you're the one to go for looks, don't forget to hunt animals every time you can.

Use Dead Eye Strategically

Dead Eye is a powerful tool for decreasing the speed of time, which allows spotting and killing enemies. But it will be a waste if used while dealing with a small number of enemies. 

Players can use Dead Eye for tagging multiple targets and aiming manually. Before activation, aim near the head and make adjustments while firing the shot. As you keep completing missions, Dead Eye upgrades and lets you kill more and more opponents. 

Pay for the Crime

When you commit any crime in the game, the law can punish you. If you get caught or seen by anyone, the police will come to catch you. The moment you are wanted, RDR II doesn't allow you to go for a mission. 

Try your best to run or hide. However, the police might still catch you in the end. But remember, you won't lose the bounty from your head. Consequently, having a bounty brings a group of hunters, especially when Arthur is alone. To get rid of them, pay for the bounties after committing a crime by visiting a post office in your town.

Travel Fast

In the countryside, you can go on horseback rides. But traveling using the train is much faster. The tickets for the train and stagecoach are available at the post office. So save money for unlocking the ways, i.e., a train ticket to travel fast towards the camp. 

Arthur will need a map to enable fast travel. Make sure you purchase a Dutch tent upgrade for him. They can cost around 500 bucks. So keep your money saved for them.


These are the basics to ace Red Redemption Dead II. There are several other tips you will learn automatically while exploring and upgrading the levels. But following the above ones will surely make you better at the game. Follow them consistently, and as you improve, leave comments below for others looking to become pros at RDR II. 

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