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How to proceed the sourcing from China to restart work and production after China’s new travel restriction? ECVV has got the answer.


SHENZHEN,China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--During the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries announced mandatory quarantine and have temporarily suspended their offline trading and business activities, but not all business activities can be suspended for an indefinite period. Global buyers still have to purchase industrial products and semi-finished products from China to continue production and to help their workforce return to work.

There is a global demand for industrial and semi-finished products, and Chinese factories have the adequate production capacity, but buyers cannot visit China during the pandemic and the restrictions on international travel. However, thanks to ECVV.com, they can now find qualified suppliers, ensure the safety of payment, and ensure safe delivery of goods purchased.

Established in 2006, ECVV.com, a cross-border industrial products sourcing platform, offers Safebuy service which is designed to resolve the pain points for global buyers that source products from China.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the advantages of Safebuy service became more obvious. ECVV’s Safebuy service has been availed of by more than 3,000 international customers since its launch and has helped global government agencies, manufacturers, wholesale retailers, and service centers to source and procure products from China.

As businesses around the world reopened amidst Coronavirus woes, many global businesses availed of ECVV's Safebuy service during April and May 2020. ECVV has completed the job of safe delivery of goods on schedule, thereby assisting their global clients to resume work and production.

As the most reliable e-commerce industrial products sourcing platform, ECVV hopes to help more companies to save money, save time , and be worry free to complete sourcing from China.


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