How to stop dog from tipping food bowl

Feeding your dog is something every dog owner wants to do and get it over with it. Sadly, feeding your dog becomes needlessly long and stressful when they keep on tipping their food bowl. When your dog keeps on tipping their food bowl, it can be frustrating as it tends to make a mess and confuses you. You will get confused about whether there’s something you’re doing wrong.

You may even start to worry cause it may lead to them eating less. Don’t worry, though; keep on reading to learn how to stop your dog from tipping its food bowl.

Change their dog food

Your dog tipping their food bowl may be a sign that they don’t like their food. You can try switching their current dog food with another one that is highly recommended. The taste of the wild vs. blue buffalo dog food is said to be popular among dogs, so you can try out that dog food. If your dog tipping its food bowl happens a lot check if they go close to their food after that. If they don’t, you should definitely try and switch their food. You can also ask your friends that have dogs for the food they give their dogs.

Also, you may have put the food or water in your dog’s food bowl in the morning, and they didn’t finish eating or drinking. You should make sure that food in your dog’s food bowl doesn’t stay for long, and if it does, you should change it. Your dog may not want cold or stale food.

Change position

Your dog may be tipping their food bowl because they are trying to change the position of the food bowl. Dogs can be very picky at times, and your dog may not like where you are always placing his food bowl. It’s also possible that your dog would like to eat closer to where you are than eating in the kitchen. So, next time you’re serving your dog its food, you should try placing it in a whole different place.

Change feeding bowls

Not every feeding bowl is going to work for your dog, and that’s perfectly normal. The feeding bowl could actually be the problem here and not your dog. Some feeding bowls aren’t really stable and lack balance. Feeding bowls that lack balance will be easy to tip over, and it could be the case of your dog. Your dog most likely just tries to drink or eat, but because of the nature of the feeding bowl, it always ends up tipping over.

You should get a feeding bowl that’s more solid or stable. There are no tip bowls with good grip and are nearly impossible to tip over, so you should try them out.

Serving your dog food or water shouldn’t take too much out of your time. Try out these tips when next you want to feed your dog, and they will most likely stop tipping their food bowl over.

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