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Hud Dating App Launches Free Video Chat Feature With Auto-Blur

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Hudapp--Hud (hudapp.com) has added a new option to its innovative safety features – free video chat with auto-blur that gives users the ability to choose when they’re ready to see each other.

Video chat is available to any “matched” pair of Hud app users for free, and video chat can only take place when matched users have exchanged at least one message each. When the video starts, both users will have their cameras blurred, but audio is turned on so users can talk to one another.

"The auto-blur feature is unique among dating app offerings," says Katie Wilson, Community Manager for Hud. “It takes away the awkwardness and intimidation users can feel when confronted with someone for the first time – giving them the chance to flirt, chat, and explore their connection without the pressure of seeing each other until they’re comfortable.”

Auto-blur can only be turned off when both users consent to do so, adding an extra layer of protection and safety to the user experience. If one user is ready to unblur their video but the other is not ready to be visible yet, both videos will stay blurred. This gives users a chance to talk to each other before committing to being seen. There’s also a “flag” feature that allows users to immediately report the video chat if they feel unsafe.

“This adds an extra layer of safety and security to our user experience,” says Mikayla Robinson, Digital Marketing Manager for Hud. “Our number-one community rule for our users is ‘trust your instincts’ – we tell users that if someone is making them feel uncomfortable or as though they might have bad intentions, they should immediately end the conversation.”

Hud already incorporates a range of safety features, such as safe badge, which lets users confirm they have recent std test results available without revealing confidential details, and photo protection blur, which ensures users won’t see unsolicited nude photos – unless, of course, they want to.

Hud launched video chat during the COVID-19 crisis, and it has quickly become popular among Hud users, who are using the feature to go on virtual dates while social distancing.

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Katie Wilson, Hud Community Manager, and Mikayla Robinson, Hud Digital Marketing Manager, are available for comment and interviews.

About Hud:

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Hud provides over seven million users a casual dating app. Hud offers a way for people to foster relationships that feel natural and honest by removing the emphasis on “finding the one”. Hud facilitates open, honest, and consensual interactions between individuals and couples on iOS, Android, and the web. To learn more and start meeting people today, visit hudapp.com


Katherine Granich, PR for Hud, at [email protected], phone +64 9 365 1088

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