iMAPS ETI AG: iMaps Capital Markets issues a new Actively Managed Certificate through its White Label Platform

Ruggell, Liechtenstein - EQS Newswire - 17 February 2020 - iMaps ETI plc, the white label notes
issuer of iMaps Capital Markets, is bringing another innovative actively
managed certificate to the Vienna Stock Exchange: the PP Multi Asset
Opportunities ETI (ISIN: CH0505798626).

The underlying of the note is a segregated
portfolio which uses an active investment strategy developed and implemented by
the German asset manager PP Asset Management.

The PP Multi Asset Opportunities investment
strategy is a dynamic multi asset management strategy that invests and trades
in three different time horizons. By distributing the risk across 3 different
trading models, PP Multi Asset's goal is to achieve a positive return without a
benchmark. The main focus of the trading ideas is on the detection of
anomalies based on undervaluation / overvaluation, special situations, cyclical
fluctuations, short-term effects and technical analyses. In other words, the
different trading models try to predict the trend reversal. The short-term
trading model mainly focuses on technical analysis, while the medium to
long-term model focuses on fundamental analysis.

The investment strategy of all 3 models is to
achieve alpha by buying long options (asymmetrical risk-return), occasionally
hedged by an equity position. Beta is generated by investing in
futures. The multilayered risk management, which is based on the
investment horizon, individual stocks and the overall market risk, minimizes
the negative effects of each trading position on the overall portfolio.

An UCITS fund, which is managed by a fund
management company in Germany, acts as the seed investor. "The UCITS
Eligible Assets Directive clarifies that UCITS funds may invest in notes, even
if the underlying is not approved as a UCITS target investment itself, provided
certain criteria are met," says iMaps Capital Markets founder Andreas
Wölfl, highlighting the advantages of iMaps actively managed certificates as a
diversification instrument within an UCITS fund.

Disclaimer: The securities prospectus was
approved by the FMA Liechtenstein and can be downloaded free of charge from the

About iMaps Capital Markets

iMaps ETI plc is a note issuer in the
Principality of Liechtenstein with the focus on Actively Managed Certificates
and Fund-Linked Notes to be issued as a public offer. The iMaps Capital Markets
Group focuses on providing asset managers with the platform for issuing
Exchange Traded Instruments - either as actively managed certificates or fund
linked notes. White label Actively Managed Certificates represent an
interesting, rapidly growing and inexpensive alternative to funds and thanks to
the approved prospectus from iMaps ETI plc, there is the possibility of
offering them publicly throughout the EU.

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