In The Wake of Being Shattered Comes The Great Commission

In The Wake of Being Shattered Comes The Great Commission

Have we forgotten our true purpose? Time has not changed the command.

Online PR News � 01-August-2018 � Written in a manner that is raw, and full of true unadulterated transparency, Author of Shattered Glass, Tricia Carter powerfully captures the attention of her readers and gives them more than a glimpse of her past struggles and triumphs. Shattered Glass provides readers with front row seats as they travel back into her past where she reveals some of the darkest places that were full of pain, abandonment, rejection, addiction, and brokenness. Tricias vulnerability leaves her standing emotionally naked in front of the world as she bares it all to share her lifes experiences, her fight to tear off the labels that the world placed on her, and her personal journey in discovering God for herself that led to her healing and restoration. Tricia shares her victories, personal testimonies, and experienced miracles that promise to either birth a new hope or awaken a dying hope in everyone who reads Shattered Glass that God can and will do the same for those who are willing to believe, have faith, and trust in Him.

About the Author

Tricia Carter is a native of Hampton, Virginia, a devoted mother of two, and is passionate about the calling that God has placed on her life to minister to those who feel broken, unloved, and lost. Tricia first discovered her love of writing in her early childhood years. She cultivated her gift by dedicating her time to writing and pouring raw emotion into a number of poems, some of which gained recognition and won awards.

Elke Brown, a supporter and reviewer says, This book is not only inspirational and touching, but it brings hope and healing. The transparency of the Authors writing pulled me deep into her life and allowed me to identify with areas of my own painful past. Reminding me that I am not alone in making terrible choices in life, and knowing that God can bring me out of anything as long as I trust in Him and am willing to change. This is definitely one of those books I will be buying more copies of, so I can share it with someone who is struggling.


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